3 Summer New LEGO Monkie Kid Series

Along with a lot of new products in the summer of 2022, 3 designers from a relatively young line of the Danish manufacturer will appear on store shelves. We are talking about sets of the increasingly popular Monkie Kid series. The Lego company recently officially announced the release of three sets by June 1, the smallest of which consists of 880, and the largest of 2433 pieces.

Recall that prefabricated models and miniature figures of the so-called “Asian direction” allow you to create game locations based on the plot of classic fairy tales from the famous Chinese novel “Journey to the West”.

So, what will the developers of new projects offer this time?

Get creative fun!

LEGO Monkie Kid series will be decorated with 3 summer novelties

“Get creative pleasure” – under this motto, a set was developed 80037 LEGO LEGO Monkie Kid Dragon of the East (880 parts, 4 minifigures. Price €59.99). Its creators invite children to experience the classic story in a fresh way. Namely, to recreate the underwater adventures of the dragon of the East. In fact, this is a kind of rethinking of the famous saga.

The game location will feature two movable shooting dragons (with a spring mechanism), a green fire tire, and two shooting submarines. The Monkie Kids Submarine is shaped like a Golden Staff. Also included is a model of the Wild Mantarochen underwater aircraft.

From the characters of the legend, the set includes minifigures of the updated Dragon of the East, Monkey Kid and Mr. Tan with diving equipment.

A Chance for Reimagined Legends

LEGO Monkie Kid series will be decorated with 3 summer novelties

Constructor 80038 LEGO Monkie Kids Team Transporter (1406 parts, 6 minifigures. Price €99.99). The basic model promises to be a fun buildable toy not just for the target audience of 9 year olds. The set will arouse genuine interest among teenagers.

Thanks to the increased detailing of the command transporter, young owners of the toy will have many interesting ways to play. For example, you can press the button under the seat and pull out Pigsy’s dumpling blaster. Then open the back door of the vehicle to release Gokart. The pair of containers on top of the vehicle can be easily removed. They store items inside with cool features:

  • spring shooter,
  • hovercraft with dragon horse Mei,
  • Pigsy’s Kitchen,
  • slot machines,
  • table tennis table.

The play area is complete with 6 minifigures, plus role-playing cat Mo, a blue fire tire and a tuk-tuk of shadow monkeys.

Create a new legend!

LEGO Monkie Kid series will be decorated with 3 summer novelties

Third set 80039 LEGO Monkie Kids Kingdom of Heaven (2433 parts, 8 minifigures. Price €169.99) covers three classic tales of the Monkey King in terms of content.

A child aged 10 and over will be happy to build a magnificent palace. Plus, it will equip the adjacent territory and surroundings with smaller buildings. Including, the entrance gate, by opening which it will be possible to separate the clouds; garden with a peach tree and a stove, the buildable model unfolds for easy access to the location.

Bring the game to life with a sky hunting dog figure and 8 minifigures. Moreover, among them there are three versions of the image of the Monkey King – each corresponds to one of the three laid down stories.

In general, the LEGO Monkie Kid June releases give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fabulous world of the Monkey King and spend many bright hours of fun with your family.

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