3 new models for fans of the LEGO Technic series


Recently, the list of constructors that the Danish manufacturer will release in 2022 in the Technic line has been supplemented. Information about three new products has spread on thematic sites, among which there are models with remote control.

The smallest set will be 42133 LEGO Technic Telescopic Loader. From its 143 parts, the child will be able to build a white and blue model of a specialized forklift with forks, on which pallets with a variety of cargo are transported / loaded / unloaded. This technique is widely used in modern warehouse complexes.

The creators of the game kit left the opportunity for the owner of the prefabricated kit to rebuild the main model into another vehicle – a truck with a crane.

The new constructor will be sold at a price of 9.99 euros (831 rubles).

42139 LEGO Technic Rover

next set 42139 LEGO Technic Rover more than the previous one in terms of the number of parts – there are 764 of them here. Accordingly, the assembled vehicle model differs significantly from the first toy in its dimensions. Its main feature should be attributed to the fact that the suspension of the all-terrain vehicle is made on six wheels. Moreover, each pair of wheels is endowed with an independent chassis from the rest. Along with the main model, the set includes a model of a small chainsaw, as well as wooden logs that can be “sawed” into round poles.

Set price: 74.99 euros (6242 rubles)

42140 LEGO Technic Transformation Car

Third constructor 42140 LEGO Technic Transformation Carmost likely, will cause the greatest interest among fans of the “world of cubes” from the whole trinity of new products.

Firstly, because he offers to assemble a vehicle of an unusual design with his own hands.

Secondly, by design, it will be a kind of transformer – the stunt racer, after the model is turned over, is converted into a standard tracked all-terrain vehicle with a cab protruding from the front.

And thirdly, this car can be controlled remotely.

The set consists of 772 parts. It will be possible to buy it in stores at a price of 129.99 euros (10,820 rubles).


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