3 New Lego Fan Toys Introduced

Popular Blog “The Brix Brothers” continues to acquaint its visitors with numerous author’s works of design fans. Let’s focus on just three toys presented in April.

The catchy model of Ted Andes looks incredibly elegant, looking at which you involuntarily recall Chekhov’s “Lady with a Dog”. Moreover, the design recreates the scene of a girl walking in the park. The heroine of the composition looks bright: she is dressed in a stylish orange dress, a wide-brimmed blue hat protects her head from the scorching rays of the sun. An elegant and pretty poodle with an unusual curly coat is running next to the girl on a leash. In general, it turned out a real picture of a walk in the park.

3 amazing fan-made toys made from Lego bricks

No less impressive is the project of Stefan Gofers, who presented in his author’s work the construction of a military base in the form of a fortified island. The most attractive object, of course, is a huge hippo bot armed with a multi-barreled Gatling gun.

The game location also includes a small pillbox bunker, a truck with shells for large-caliber guns and other ammunition, as well as 3 miniature figures warriors in helmets. All models and characters are well detailed.

3 amazing fan-made toys made from Lego bricks

The theme of “Star Wars” remains very popular not only among the professional designers of the Danish company. The authors of individual projects are also working on it. Stephen Howard was inspired to create this model by the famous “The Book of Boba Fett”.

The figure of Cad Bane turned out just great. It perfectly captures the image of the bounty hunter and hitman in every detail, from the bandolier and wrist pads to Bane’s menacing red eyes. In general, the character looks alive due to the dynamism of the figure.

Considering such projects, one involuntarily asks the question: are there artists among Russian design fans who create similar author’s models? Most likely, the answer will be positive. But then why don’t we see their work on the pages of thematic sites?

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