3 New Lego Fan Ideas Get 10,000 Votes Each


The beginning of March can be called very successful for the authors of several projects that took part in an open competition LEGO Ideas. Now let’s briefly introduce you to three author’s works that have found support among fans of the “world of cubes”. They have crossed the cherished 10K milestone and will be reviewed by a panel of judges in the first Lego Ideas Review of 2022.

So, the first project is called “Gilmore Girl’s House”. Its author is a contestant under the nickname marodipietro. This set takes you back to the first decade of this century. The model is a two-story house of the Gilmore family and a garage attached to it. The building is assembled using modular technology. This allows you to “open” the dwelling in half, providing full access to the interior space. The family car is in the garage.

The author of the project dedicates his set to the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the TV show. It has great character representation – the package includes 9 miniature figures of the story’s heroes, including Lorelai Gilmore and Rory’s daughter.

3 New Lego Fan Ideas Get 10,000 Votes Each

Of no less interest is the author’s designer “Market Village”, signed by the nickname Commander Brick. The modular model makes it possible to expand the game locations of standard Lego sets on the theme of medieval castles. The structure consists of three key buildings: a tavern/guest house, a warehouse, and a forge. Next to them is a platform covered with grass – you can put street kiosks on it.

The medieval “Market Village” is densely populated by people. The minifigures represent all walks of life: villagers, merchants, knights and even noble ladies. Therefore, in this rustic set, walking through the brick village, you can meet anyone.

3 new ideas from Lego fans get 10,000 votes each

The latest project called “Aerial Jordan 1”, proposed by the author under the nickname legotruman, is unlikely to receive the support of the Danish company’s specialists. But it’s still worth mentioning. Because the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlegotruman looks a little more original than the official Lego sets with Adidas sports shoes. It demonstrates the name brand, which was developed by the American company Nike specifically for the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan, known under the nickname Jordans.

Which of the three listed author’s sets will be able to get into the finals of the ideas competition and transform into the official Lego set will be shown in the near future.

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