20 best 3 in 1 strollers


The most versatile are considered to be modular 3-in-1 stroller systems. They include a walking block, a removable cradle, and a car seat. Our rating will help you not to make a mistake in choosing the right product.

The TOP-20 of the most popular manufacturers of 3 in 1 strollers designed for newborns and children under 3 years old includes the most famous companies:

  • Verdi (Verdi), Poland. According to the survey, this is the most famous manufacturer of strollers. The company won the hearts of parents with ergonomics, comfort and quality of models. Users note that the strollers have practical upholstery, are great for all-season use and are perfectly adapted to Russian roads.
  • Peg-Perego (Peg-Perego), Italy. Impeccable style and a reference level of reliability – this is how experts and users speak about the strollers of the Italian brand. The manufacturer adheres to the highest quality standards and is sensitive to the safety of newborns and children under 3 years old.
  • Adamex (Adameks), Poland. Strollers of this brand are loved by users for their simplicity and ease of use. The stylishness of the models is the merit of using eco-leather and linen based on natural linen in the production.
  • CAM (KAM), Italy. One of the oldest wheelchair manufacturers in Europe. A feature of the brand is the obligatory compliance of products with international standards of quality, environmental friendliness and safety.
  • Inglesina (Inglesina), Italy. Liviano Tomasi, the founder of the company, combined his love for children and racing cars in business, showing the world some of the best strollers in terms of performance.
  • Riko (Riko), Poland. Thanks to the stylish and innovative design, the strollers of this brand are in great demand not only in their homeland, but throughout the world. The high quality of products is confirmed by European certificates.

Best Inexpensive 3 in 1 Strollers

5 Marimex Armel (3 in 1)

Marimex Armel (3 in 1)

Practical stroller 3 in 1 brand “Marimex” attracts with a favorable price and interesting appearance. Buying this model, you become the owner of a car seat, cradle and block – a set for newborns and children up to 3 years. Remarkably, the car seat can also be installed on the chassis – this is very convenient, because when traveling by car with a subsequent walk, you do not have to carry an additional cradle in the trunk.

Model Features:

  • Backrest adjustable in three positions.
  • Five-point safety harness with padded inserts.
  • Adjustable footrest height for a comfortable ride according to height and age.
  • Fabric hood, which is easily washed from various kinds of pollution.

The reviews say good depreciation. As buyers write, children sleep sweetly and comfortably in the stroller. The hood provides excellent protection from the weather, and the mesh insert in it provides excellent ventilation. For the money – a solid model!

4 Alis Berta (3 in 1)

Alis Berta (3 in 1)

The best price among all the nominees of the rating is offered by the stroller from Alice. Before you is a universal model 3 in 1. Let the low cost not scare you, this stroller imposes all the relevant characteristics, and in some moments even surpasses its competitors.

Model Features:

  • The car seat is mounted on the chassis.
  • Type “Book” – the fastest and easiest folding.
  • 4 single inflatable wheels. The front ones are blocked, which has a positive effect on patency in snow, sand and mud.
  • Adjustable handle height, the ability to rearrange the block to the face and away from you, several angles of the backrest, etc.
  • The package includes a rain cover, an insect net, a capacious bag for a walk, a cape on the legs, etc.

The reviews positively evaluate the assembly and reliability of the stroller. This is a positive example of how a one-time purchase can make life easier for several years to come. The model is designed for newborns and children under the age of 3 years.

3 Camarelo Carmela (3 in 1)

Camarelo Carmela (3 in 1)

The third position in the ranking goes to the Camarelo Carmela 3 in 1 stroller, recognized as the best for moving in winter conditions. Thanks to the large diameter of the inflatable wheels (rear – 35 cm) made of rubber, the model overcomes even snowdrifts. At the same time, the child inside does not experience discomfort from shaking, as spring depreciation is triggered.


  • The assembled structure weighs 11 kg.
  • The position of the stroller handle can be adjusted to the height of the parent.
  • The easy folding mechanism “book” in a couple of movements will compactly assemble the product, which will allow you to place it in the trunk or in a distant closet for storage.
  • The back of the block for walking is equipped with several levels of adjustment. Retracts up to 180 degrees.
  • The car seat has an anatomical shape.

2 Indigo Indigo (S) Leather Collection (3 in 1)

Indigo Indigo (S) Leather Collection (3 in 1)

Stroller 3 in 1 “Indigo” will appeal to most parents. When a stylish design is complemented by a functional filling, is it really good news? A distinctive feature of the model is an elongated bed (90 cm).


  • Faux leather hood.
  • Lighter car seat than other models.
  • Inflatable wheels that provide good flotation on various roads.
  • Adjustable footrest, backrest, handle – to make it comfortable for everyone, both children and parents.

The reviews write that the car seat can be installed on the chassis, saving space in the trunk when traveling. Plus, an elongated bed is a guarantee of comfortable sleep in the fresh air for both a newborn and an older child.

The main characteristics that you should look at when choosing a universal stroller (3 in 1):

  • The weight of the stroller when assembled. The lightest models are considered to be up to 12 kg, medium – up to 15 kg, the rest are heavy.
  • Cradle weight. Please note that you will have to carry the cradle with the child by hand. The less it weighs, the better. The best option are cradles 2 – 4 kg.
  • Wheel diameter. The speed, smoothness and convenience of movement in a certain area depend on this parameter. Diameter up to 15 cm is suitable for walking summer strollers. Wheels 25 – 30 cm are ideal in models designed for movement in spring, autumn and winter.
  • Wheel material. Plastic ones are designed for walking on smooth asphalt, while solid and inflatable rubber ones cope with any off-road conditions.
  • Back tilt adjustment. Walking models (canes) usually have one position – sitting. For universal strollers, a choice of 3-4 positions is typical.
  • depreciation system. It is worth choosing spring systems. They are reliable and durable.

1 Verdi Pepe Eco Plus (3 in 1)

Verdi Pepe Eco Plus (3 in 1)

The 3 in 1 baby stroller Pepe Eco Plus from the Polish manufacturer Verdi is one of the best developments in recent years. The model is equipped with an adjustable depreciation mechanism with 3 levels of rigidity. Depending on the situation, parents can choose any of them, thereby providing the child with maximum comfort without unnecessary shaking.

Model Features:

  • The natural materials used in the manufacture of the finishing of the stroller make it possible not to worry about the health of the baby. The bassinet mattress is filled with 100% bamboo, which provides the necessary rigidity for the proper development of the baby’s bones.
  • The aluminum frame does not add unnecessary weight to the product (14 kg when assembled). Due to the lightness and the “book” mechanism, it folds / unfolds with one touch.
  • Inflatable rubber wheels with a diameter of 30 cm make it possible to drive even through snowdrifts without disturbing the peace of the baby.
  • The Verdi walking chair has a four-level backrest adjustment.

The best strollers 3 in 1 of the middle class

5 Vikalex Cochinella (3 in 1)

Vikalex Cochinella (3 in 1)

Vikalex Cochinella combines a stable base, decent performance and elegant design. The baby stroller is designed for daily comfortable walks on not the most difficult terraces. The model has an excellent durable frame with a parental adjustable handle. The baby stroller blocks are installed in several movements. The wheels have shock absorption and a self-turning mechanism. A foot brake securely locks the chassis. There is enough space in the cradle for a newborn in warm clothes. The adjustable hood completely covers the kid. There is a separate section for protection against mosquitoes.

Parents in the reviews write about the comfortable and spacious walking block. It is called safe and comfortable. Comes with basket, shopping bag, rain cover. The car seat is suitable for newborns. The model allows you to go around people in the store, to maneuver on narrow streets. In a deep cradle, the baby is comfortable. However, the hood is attached to the screw, which sometimes becomes loose.

4 Noordi Polaris Comfort (3 in 1)

Noordi Polaris Comfort (3 in 1)

Among the best all-rounders for newborns and children under 3 years old is a warm and windproof stroller of the Nurdi brand. The driving characteristics of the 3 in 1 model are at their best: a strong and at the same time light frame, maneuverability, the wheels do not scroll and do not wind anything on the axle.

Model Features:

  • Spacious and deep cradle in which the child feels cozy and comfortable.
  • Car seat with anatomical cushion.
  • The possibility of folding the stroller without removing the blocks.
  • The bumper can be easily unfastened from any side.
  • High-quality construction elements and accessories.

In reviews, users like to repeat that the stroller is made to last. This model can be briefly characterized – nothing more. And even though it does not have any new features and super options, it is what you need in terms of children’s transport. “I bought it once, and crossed trips and walks off the list of potential problems,” buyers say.

3 Adamex Barletta Ecco (3 in 1)

Adamex Barletta Ecco (3 in 1)

On the third line of the rating is the 3 in 1 stroller model Barletta Ecco from Adamex. This device differs from analogues in the presence of an additional security system. On the sides of the frame are special bright lights that flash red or blue. Manufacturers are confident that turning them on at night will help reduce the risk of accidents when crossing the road.

Model Features:

  • The stroller has the smallest weight among those presented in the category – 10.5 kg when assembled. The main material in the manufacture was aluminum.
  • Wheels rubber, inflatable. They have different diameters. The two front ones are floating, equipped with an individual brake lever. This makes it easy to fix the structure in the desired position.
  • The backrest can be installed in one of four positions: sitting, half-sitting, reclining, lying.

2 Adamex Monte Carbon (3 in 1)

Adamex Monte Carbon (3 in 1)

Adamex Monte Carbon (3 in 1) is an improved version of the stroller from 2017, which takes into account the wishes of customers. The wheels received double depreciation. The cradle is made of impact-resistant plastic, a mattress is laid on the bottom. The sides are protected by a coating that can be removed and washed. The cape is fastened from several sides. There is a fan in the hood. In the cold season, the rider can be wrapped in a blanket.

Parents mark the car seat. It has a special shape, replaces the deck chair. The bowl is equipped with a lateral head protection function. Inserts and headrest enhance comfort. The handle allows you to carry the child. The model is treated with a porous coating that absorbs vibrations. When assembled, the stroller does not take up much space. The brake is located in the middle of the axle, it works quickly even on slippery surfaces.

1 Riko Bruno (Brano) Ecco (3 in 1)

Riko Bruno (Brano) Ecco (3 in 1)

The model from “Riko” is a representative of strollers with better shock absorption. The manufacturer equipped the model with additional frame shock absorbers, so that the baby’s sleep will not be disturbed even on the most “killed” road. Another interesting nuance is the presence, among other accessories (raincoat, mesh, bag, etc.), of a cup holder – as mentioned in the reviews, it is convenient to put a baby bottle and coffee for mom.

Model Features:

  • Faux leather hood for easy cleaning.
  • High-quality assembly – the design is not flimsy, you can feel the reliability and strength of all blocks and elements.
  • The model during operation does not creak, does not crunch, there is no backlash.
  • Ease of control – literally with one hand, excellent maneuverability.

Many mothers specify that the hood closes to the very bottom. The cradle is deep and roomy, which allows you to avoid the hated peeping of passers-by. The mesh window hides the baby from the sun, while providing air access. Most of the elements of the 3 in 1 model for newborns and children up to 3 years old are adjusted in accordance with the preferences and age of the child – backrest tilt, handle, direction of movement, footrest.

The best 3 in 1 premium strollers

5 Vikalex Grata (3 in 1)

Vikalex Grata (3 in 1)

Closes the category rating stroller 3 in 1 Vikalex Grata. According to the manufacturers, this model has the best performance characteristics. The materials from which the device is made have all the necessary certificates, indicating their environmental friendliness and resistance to early wear.

Model Features:

  • The weight of the stroller when assembled is 12 kg.
  • Four inflatable swivel wheels are made of high quality rubber. Their diameter allows you to use the stroller not only in summer on a flat road, but also in winter.
  • The damping springs are protected by individual caps made of plastic. This allows them to maintain their original performance characteristics during long-term operation.
  • The cradle has special skids and can be used as a cradle.

4 Anex Sport (3 in 1)

Anex Sport (3 in 1)

If you are looking for a stroller that is especially smooth and maneuverable, then pay attention to the Anex Sport 3 in 1 model. This modular device is manufactured using the latest technology. It is equipped with an advanced shock absorption system: four springs provide highly effective shock and shock absorption even when driving on bumpy surfaces.

Model Features:

  • The assembled weight is 12.3 kg.
  • The One Click Move system allows you to install blocks with just one touch.
  • The inner fabric finish is impregnated with silver ions. This prevents the formation of bacteria.
  • The X-Lock safety system keeps the baby safe by preventing accidental folding of the frame.
  • Inflatable wheels of different diameters are made of durable rubber. The front ones rotate 360 ​​degrees, which is convenient for turns. The locking feature helps when driving straight.

3 CAM Dinamico Up Top (3 in 1)

CAM Dinamico Up Top (3 in 1)

Universal 3 in 1 brand “KAM” is the choice of those who want to be sure of the quality and ergonomics of the stroller. This model compares favorably with competitors. For example, the manufacturer has provided a carrying strap for the stroller, which simplifies its transportation.

Model Features:

  • 3 angles of inclination of a back of a cradle, including completely horizontal position, and also 4 variants of inclination in the walking block.
  • Foot synchronized braking system.
  • Car seat for newborns with side impact protection.
  • Genuine leather handle.

This model is one of the lightest. When assembled, the stroller (chassis + carrycot) weighs 12.4 kg, and the chassis + seat unit combination weighs 10.3 kg. Users leave positive feedback, indicating among the advantages a detachable cover with the option of summer mode, a hood with a mosquito net, soft front and rear shock absorbers.

2 Peg-Perego Book 51 Polo Elite Modular

Peg-Perego Book 51 Polo Elite Modular

The Peg-Perego Book 51 Polo Elite Modular is an upgraded version of the Cross Modular system, with smarter features for comfort, safety and practicality. The model is designed for a child from 0 to 3 years old, suitable for all seasons and weather conditions. It weighs relatively little, unfolds in one motion. The manufacturer writes about the Ganciomatic system: a simplified, silent mount to the chassis. When folded, the stroller does not reach a height of 40 cm, it fits into any trunk. The visor completely covers the rider.

In reviews, the model is called very maneuverable, it is easy to carry it with one hand. Wheels do not knock, do not creak. The handle is adjustable in height. The hood has a window for observing the rider. It is removed and washed. The manufacturer offers several additional chassis for a separate cost to overcome the most difficult terraces. However, accessories are expensive. Comes with only one carry bag.

1 Inglesina Trilogy (3 in 1)

Inglesina Trilogy (3 in 1)

The lightest model of the 3 in 1 stroller Inglesina Trilogy becomes the undisputed favorite of the rating. Its assembled weight is only 9.5 kg. Also, the device boasts thoughtful technical solutions that help parents easily make even long walks with a child.

Model Features:

  • The folding mechanism of the stroller “cane” allows you to quickly and easily transform the product into a compact design that fits in the trunk of a car.
  • The wheels are made of durable plastic. The diameter of the rear is 20 cm, the front is 17.5. There is a brake system.
  • The controls for locking the swivel mechanism of the wheels are located at hand.
  • The back of the stroller has four positions. The child can both sit and sleep while being outside.
  • The cradle is equipped with a special insert for newborns. It allows you to protect the baby’s head from blows on the sides.

The best 3 in 1 tricycle strollers

5 Hauck Vipers (3 in 1)

Hauck Viper (3 in 1)

Opens the group of the best Hauck Viper (3 in 1) with a large cradle measuring 75x30x20 cm. It is also suitable for older children, or when the child is wearing winter clothes. Adjustable footrest and backrest, 5-point harness for safety, padded shoulder pads for comfort. The car seat received 4 stars out of 5 from ADAC, showing high results in tests. Particularly noticeable is the reinforced side protection made of polyurethane foam.

The chassis in full force manifests itself when the child is transplanted into the walking block. The wheels have the best maneuverability, driving on any surface. The horizontal position allows the rider to sleep comfortably. The carrycot folds up quickly for transport. It also attaches easily to the base. The footrest can be adjusted in height, the back is fixed with straps. The only negative is the upholstery material. Polyester feels uncomfortable in the summer, many bought more covers.

4 Hauck Viper SLX Trioset (3 in 1)

Hauck Viper SLX Trioset (3 in 1)

The Hauck Viper SLX Trioset is the least expensive stroller in the group, but it handles difficult trails just as well as many. The model has small weight, impressive wheels and a strong frame. Belts and brakes provide safety. The tray on the handle has a bottle holder. Everything important fits into a large basket. The stroller is designed for newborns, the car seat is included in group 0+. It guarantees safety thanks to the patented durable material. The back is adjustable.

Buyers note a soft, dense mattress that the child uses instead of a crib. However, the handle is not thrown, the baby is always with his back to his parents. The hood only partially covers the rider, not always protecting from the sun’s rays. Many praise the small dimensions of an inexpensive stroller, it goes into any elevator, squeezes through the door. The footrest can be adjusted in height, the bed is long enough for a 3-year-old baby. The bumper is a little tight, but it comes off.

3 Hauck Rapid 3 Plus Trioset (3 in 1)

Hauck Rapid 3 Plus Trioset (3 in 1)

The Hauck Rapid 3 Plus Trioset 3 in 1 has a unique Easy Fix System, thanks to which the carrycot and car seat can be installed without adapters. The model was created for shopping, walking around the city. The front wheel adapts to the terrace, performs complex maneuvers, and maintains a comfortable ride for the rider. Parents can fold the stroller with one hand, for safety there is a safety lock. The manufacturer has provided a capacious basket with easy access.

In reviews, the stroller is called the best, noting the soft bumper, reliable belts and a large hood. The latter has a window and a pocket. The back rests down completely. The model is equipped with side impact protection, has a reinforced design. The lining is breathable, the seat remembers the shape of the rider. The only complaint buyers – creaking at high speed. The problem is solved by lubricating the wheels. The visor is fastened with Velcro, which sometimes come unfastened.

2 Chicco Activ3 (3 in 1)

Chicco Activ3 (3 in 1)

The Chicco Activ3 3 in 1 has a unique cushioning customization feature. There is a mode for smooth asphalt and gravel. Wheels provide patency on the most difficult routes. The manufacturer speaks of high-quality performance, a soft case and a hood tightly fastened with Velcro. The hand brake and lock are located on the handle, there is also a cup holder. The stroller was one of the best in cross-country tests, overcoming the sand with ease. The hood opens up to the bumper, even when the backrest is fully down. Excess fabric can be secured with a zipper to keep the stroller looking neat.

The model has well-thought-out levers; when turning, they stop or block the wheels. The handle is upholstered with foam rubber, it is adjustable in height. The reviews warn that it cannot be thrown to the other side, the child is always located with his back. The stroller outperforms competitors in terms of dimensions, it is difficult to transport it. When unfolded, it does not fit into the elevator.

1 CAM Cortina Evolution X3 (3 in 1)

CAM Cortina Evolution X3 (3 in 1)

CAM Cortina Evolution X3 has the largest wheels, the front rotates 360 degrees. Thanks to them, the stroller passes any obstacles, it is not afraid of sand, snow, or dirt. The dimensions of the cradle at 32×75 cm ensure the comfort of newborns, even if they are wrapped in warm clothes. The hood completely covers the rider. It is adjustable with buttons on the sides of the handle. The cotton upholstery can be easily removed for washing. The mattress provides a better position for the spine. The stroller seat is installed facing and back to the parents. In hot weather saves a window for ventilation.

This stroller 3 in 1 has soft armrests, the backrest is adjustable with a lever. The footboard changes height, creating the most comfortable berth. The car seat is suitable for newborns, it has a convenient carrying handle. You can put a baby up to 6 months on the mattress. The parent handle adjusts to the desired height. The stroller folds up like a book.

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