2 more new Star Wars sets coming in 2022


The calendar has just started counting down the first days of December, and the fans “Star Wars” already discussing sets that are rumored to be available for the summer season of 2022. In the lego_club_news of the popular Instagram, a message appeared that in May or June, the Danish manufacturer will release 2 new thematic constructors under the article numbers 75339 and 75342. Thus, they will complement the list of previously announced sets for January, March, April and August next year.

Construction fans take such news seriously, because many rumors that appeared earlier about Lego constructors were confirmed. A vivid example of this is the largest and most expensive constructor 75313 LEGO Star Wars “AT-AT”. And now some of those “star” kits, which for the first time Western bloggers also started talking about as additions to this grandiose project, are beginning to be recognized at the official level. For example, the Danish company made an announcement for 75320 LEGO Star Wars “Snowtrooper Battle Set” and 75322 LEGO Star Wars “AT-ST”. So, as they say, there is no smoke without fire.

These 2 sets are supposed to be based on scenes from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. Such thoughts are prompted by the fact that in 2022 this series of the cult trilogy will turn 20 years old.


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