15 Best Kids Scooters


Contrary to the opinion of many, a scooter is one of the best vehicles for moving around the city, surpassing in some aspects such a popular form of transport as everyone’s favorite bicycles. A kind of “base” for all the advantages of scooters is the compactness parameter, which determines both excellent maneuverability and a high degree of controllability, and even such (at first glance) indirect criterion as transportability.

Most people consider scooters to be children’s vehicles, which is only half true. However, it is the younger generation of users who benefit the most from it – this vehicle becomes the first in their life, and it is with it (psychologically) that a large number of bright moments are associated, whether it is acceleration to high speeds, performing labor-intensive rentals or performing technical elements, and even simple falls. All this is the best suited for the active leisure of the child, and also affects the development of the qualities of quick reaction and decision-making.

Alas, not all scooters are able to provide the proper emotions from use. Sometimes poor workmanship or marriage does not reveal the full potential of such an uncomplicated vehicle. After analyzing the domestic Russian market, we have selected for you the models of the best children’s scooters in different age categories. For careful selection and subsequent sorting of goods, the following criteria were used:

  • the number of wheels and their overall dimensions;
  • the maximum load that the scooter can withstand;
  • maximum height of the rudder;
  • nominal weight of the scooter;
  • manufacturing materials;
  • value for money product.

The best scooters for children 2-3 years old

4 Trolo Mini Up

Trolo Mini Up

The undoubted advantages of this scooter are comfortable grips with protective pads, adjustable handlebar height (from 52 to 71 cm), low weight (only 1.5 kg) and the ability to fold. In addition, the Trolo Mini Up has a very impressive appearance – its wheels glow when driving, which delights little riders. A large color palette allows you to choose a model for both boys and girls. The recommended age of the user is from 2 to 3 years.

3 Y-Scoo Maxi City

Y-Scoo Maxi City

For a higher price, you can purchase another scooter in our rating – Y-Scoo Maxi City, but with its own advantages. It can serve a child aged 3 to 15 years, due to the adjustable handle and durable materials that can withstand loads up to 100 kg. A sufficiently high class of bearings – ABEC5, will allow a growing child to complicate the riding style and use a more intense riding technique. The scooter is easy to store and transport, as it is equipped with a folding mechanism. Stylish and beautiful design will please your child.



Three-wheeled scooter Y-Scoo RT Trio 120 – compact in size, with a folding mechanism. Interesting design will attract the attention of your baby and cannot leave him indifferent. It will last more than one year, as it has a sliding handle and a maximum load of up to 50 kg. Due to its lightness, any child under the age of two can handle it and can be taken anywhere. Sturdy durable material will keep the appearance from bumps and scratches.

1 Scoot & Ride Highway Kick

Scoot & Ride Highway Kick

Highway Kick from the famous Austrian brand Scoot & Ride is the best first scooter for boys and girls 2-3 years old, according to most users. The model has passed many quality tests, on the basis of which it received a certificate of conformity with European safety. The 2-in-1 design allows the scooter to be used both as a full-fledged three-wheeled vehicle for children who are already confident on their feet, and as a regular stroller for babies from 1 year old. Without the use of special tools, the seat in the Scoot & Ride Highway Kick easily flips up, becoming part of the steering column. In the same way, literally in one movement, the kickboard transforms into a comfortable seated balancer.

The low position of the saddle (only 22.5 cm from the floor), its ergonomic shape and soft pad allow the child to feel comfortable on a walk and ensure his safety. The scooter is provided with a blocker (located in the front of the body), which prevents falling forward when riding, and reduces the risk of a small passenger falling.

The best scooters for children 4-6 years old

4 Zilmer ZIL1812-186 ZL-80

Zilmer ZIL1812-186 ZL-80

The ideal scooter for exploring the city Zilmer ZIL1812-186 ZL-80 is distinguished by its robust design, low weight and reliable folding mechanism. Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, this fashionable form of transport for children is equipped with high-quality bearings with high rotational accuracy, comfortable rubber grips and a lowered deck with an anti-slip coating, which ensures a safe ride and helps the little user develop the musculoskeletal system properly. The polyurethane surface of the wheels gives excellent grip, guaranteeing a soft and quiet ride.

The manufacturer has taken care of the maximum ease of maintenance of its products – the scooter comes with a set of assembly tools (hex keys) and clear instructions in Russian. Narrow but durable polyurethane wheels allow you to accelerate without problems on a flat surface, and the presence of a foot brake makes it possible to stop in time in front of an obstacle. The scooter is designed for a maximum load of 50 kg, and can be used by children aged 4 to 6 years (height 104-116 cm).



The beautifully styled children’s Dragon series scooter from the Chinese company Small Dragon takes third place in the ranking and, it is worth saying, it has a good reason. Like many other models, this baby can be bought, as they say, “for growth”, since it has a handlebar height adjustment. Small and extremely stable wheels provide the most effective path control and maneuvering, although they require more energy in terms of acceleration. Due to the polyurethane frame, the Small Rider Dragon shows a significant gain in mass – its nominal weight does not exceed 2.5 kilograms, which does not create problems with transportation for young users.

Of the additional “chips” of the scooter, it should be noted the presence of decorative things like the light of lights, an imitation of the roar of an engine and a small steam engine that generates intense puffs of water vapor.

2 RAZOR A125


The second place in the ranking is taken by a scooter of high-quality German assembly at an affordable price. It is ideal for a child who is getting on a two-wheeled scooter for the first time. Small but stable wheels; strong yet lightweight aluminum frame; high-quality anti-slip materials; folding mechanism – these are all the main qualitative characteristics of the Razor A125 two-wheeled scooter. The handlebar is adjustable in height and the scooter will “grow” with your child.



Became the most popular children’s two-wheel scooter Globber MY TOO FIXED SCOOTER due to its durability. It is made of stainless steel, the most durable material used for scooters. Due to the small diameter of the wheels (front – 120 mm, rear – 100 mm), the scooter has good maneuverability and can pick up high speed. Leading French engineers have worked on this scooter: an easily adjustable handle for the height of the child, a platform made of anti-slip material, wheels made of high-quality polyurethane with a good rebound on a nylon coating, a smooth rear brake. Number one in our ranking of the best!

The best scooters for children from 7 years old

4 Tech Team TT Jogger

Tech Team TT Jogger

A city scooter for children and teenagers of both sexes will help turn an ordinary walk into an exciting adventure, because it is able to reach high speed, and wheels made of high-quality polymer keep rolling well. The heavy-duty patented folding system and the low weight of the structure (weighing only 3.5 kg) make it easy to transport it even by public transport, without causing any particular inconvenience to either its owner or others. The body of the model is made of durable aluminum, the permissible load is up to 100 kg, there is a footrest, rubber grips are installed on the height-adjustable handlebar.

High-quality assembly, small dimensions and compactness make the Tech Team TT Jogger scooter one of the most suitable for use in the city. It is easy to fold and unfold, can be transported by hand and used from 7-8 years old to adulthood. In addition, the product immediately attracts attention with its interesting design – the line in black and gold, released in 2018, immediately became one of the most popular and best-selling in Russia.

3 Novatrack STAMP N1

Novatrack STAMP N1

The product of one of the leading Russian sports equipment manufacturers, Novatrack, has earned the right to become a participant in our review due to the optimal combination of very good quality and affordable price. The scooter belongs to the off-road class, it is able to easily move on grass, sand and soil, as well as develop a fairly high speed on smooth sidewalks. A large comfortable frame with a deck on which you can stand with two feet, a stable footboard, a front and rear wheel handbrake – every little thing that can affect the comfort of a child’s walk is thought out in this model. Transport is intended for children from 7 years old, but can be used by older teenagers. The load capacity of the platform is 80-100 kg, the height of the steering rack is adjustable from 84 to 100 cm.

The main drawback of the design, most users consider the lack of a folding mechanism, which is why the scooter has to be transported in full size. In addition, Novatrack STAMP N1 did not cause much criticism among children and their parents, and many generally called it the best for off-road driving.

2 Razor Spark Scooter

Razor Spark Scooter

Stylish, elegant and incredibly durable city scooter Spark Scooter is another representative of the famous German brand RAZOR in our review. This two-wheeled transport is suitable for children from 7 years old and can be used for riding for quite a long time, as it is designed for a maximum height of 170 cm and a load of up to 100 kg. The frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and the wheels are made of polyurethane. Fast and smooth bearings (ABEC 5 class) have good wear resistance and help to reach the desired speed in the shortest possible time.

But the main feature of the Razor Spark Scooter, which will not leave anyone indifferent, is the luminous wheels and an incredible sheaf of sparks that fly out at the moment of braking on the road. This visual effect is achieved using silicon brakes, and to extend it, an additional cartridge is included with the scooter. The model is very popular with children and their parents. The children fell in love with the scooter for the comfort of use, extraordinary design and colorfulness, and adults highly appreciated the reliability of the assembly of the structure, its light weight (less than 3 kg) and ease of transportation when assembled.

1 Yedoo Mau

Yedoo Mau

The Yedoo Mau off-road scooter will handle even the most rough roads perfectly. Its large wheels with inflatable Innova Street tires and a lightweight steel frame will help you quickly overcome obstacles on the way, providing a smooth ride with good cushioning and allowing you to easily maneuver the product. Curly-shaped handles with a palm rest increase ride comfort, and a high-quality brake system will protect a young rider from possible collisions and injuries. For greater stability, the model is equipped with a footrest.

The scooter is designed for children at least 7 years old (height from 122 cm) and allows you to adjust the height of the steering wheel to the individual characteristics of the child. It is worth noting that the model has a considerable weight (about 8 kg) and dimensions (total length is 113 cm), so it can be problematic for a small owner to take out and bring in the structure on their own. Otherwise, Yedoo Mau is fully consistent with the title of the best scooter for schoolchildren. This is a universal device that is optimally suited for driving in nature and has shown itself to be excellent when used in crowded alleys of city parks.

The best electric scooters

3 Razors E90

Razor E90

A popular model of a children’s scooter, which is not able to compete with the leaders of the rating, but quite naturally takes the third place. In terms of equipment, there are no serious requirements for the Razor E90 – you won’t see any hand brakes, footrests or other ergonomic utensils here (unless after your own fine-tuning). But the operational parameters are pleasing: not the most powerful engine and battery provide the scooter with the ability to move at a maximum speed of up to 14 kilometers per hour and run up to 12 kilometers on a single charge. Actually, all the advantages of this model are limited to this – more users cannot single out anything. Among the shortcomings, the unfair price is clearly expressed. However, for the Razor company, this is an ordinary marketing ploy.

2 Razor Power Core E100

Razor Power Core E100

A step away from the leading position, a stylish children’s scooter from the flagship company Razor stopped. According to the owners, the main advantage of this model over others lies in the developed speed, which is equal to 18 kilometers per hour. In addition, a high-quality assembly of the structure, which is based on a stainless steel frame, also causes a portion of confidence.

The problems of the Razor Power Core E100 start from the moment of comparing price and quality parameters. It becomes clear that both ergonomics and technical equipment do not correspond to such a large price tag: the weight of the scooter is 11.8 kilograms, which is strongly felt in control (especially when maneuvering). In this regard, the power plant is forced to consume more energy, and, as a result, this affects the duration of the battery charge, which lasts only 6 kilometers.

1 E-Scooter CD-02

E-Scooter CD-02

The E-Scooter CD-02 electric scooter for children from 6 years old will allow each child to feel like an experienced “driver”, while at the same time ensuring the comfort and safety of the walk. A low speed of movement (up to 15 km / h) significantly reduces the likelihood of injury while driving, and the rear drum-type brakes will help you respond in time in a dangerous situation. The design is designed for a load of up to 50 kg, the frame is made of strong and durable stainless steel, the steering wheel folds and changes in height. Of the additional options, you can specify the presence of metal fender liner, which will protect the rider from dust and mud splashes while riding. The battery charge recovery period is 6 hours, after which the product is able to cover at least 15 km on a single charge. Engine power – 120 watts.

The scooter is presented in two colors – red and blue, so it will not be difficult to choose a model for a boy or a girl. We gave the E-Scooter CD-02 electric scooter the first place in this category, as we considered it the most reliable and convenient for children’s games. And a very low price (as for this type of goods) became an additional incentive for making such a decision.

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