10294 LEGO Titanic Grand Set Review


Recently, the Danish manufacturer officially announced the start of sales in November of the set with the longest model in its history! Constructor 10294 LEGO Titanicaddressed to adult construction enthusiasts, makes it possible to build a copy of the famous ship 135 cm long. Thus, an analogue of the historical prototype on a scale of 1:200 is obtained.

The grandiose project is being implemented with the help of 9090 building blocks and elements. By the way, in terms of the number of parts and weight (12.8 kg), the set will take second place among all the designers ever released by Lego. Plus, the copy of the Titanic will be the most expensive model in the history of the manufacturer – it will be sold at a price of 629.99 euros.

However, it is enough to talk about all sorts of “records” of the new set, some of them have little to do directly with the Titanic model being created.

The stylish black branded box contains the parts for assembling a collector’s liner, which will impress with many other, more significant features. First of all, detailed design. The project developers tried to recreate the look of a luxurious passenger ship as close as possible to the original version, which was launched 110 years ago. And they succeeded to a large extent.

10294 LEGO Titanic Grand Set Review

Indeed, this model is able to surprise even experienced design fans. First of all, the fact that it most accurately reflects the unsurpassed grandeur of the very Titanic that everyone saw in the cult film. This similarity is explained simply: while working with the project, the developers used real schemes and drawings of the ship.

That is why the copy is so recognizable by its visual resemblance to its historical prototype, including the detailed elements:

  • four chimneys, towering over the entire structure and attracting attention with an unusual tilt back – by the way, the original ship had an even stronger tilt;
  • more than 300 cabin windows;
  • the legendary bridge and benches;
  • lifeboats;
  • cargo crane, which was equipped with a historical original.

The recreation of several interior spaces is amazing, and will be remembered by moviegoers again thanks to the precise detailing in the interior design.

The model is divided into 3 fragments, which allows you to thoroughly study not only the external device of the Titanic. The owner of a unique toy has the opportunity to be inside an ocean liner, where he can slowly:

  • explore the front staircase that connects the 6 decks of the passenger ship;
  • “visit” the dining room, decorated in the Jacobean style;
  • “go down” to the lower deck and inspect the powerful engines of the ship in the engine room, which provided it with an unprecedented speed for those times.

At the same time, it should be noted that not just a sample of a steam engine is installed in the engine room – when the ship’s propellers are turned, its pistons begin to move, like a real one, realistically simulating the operation of a steam engine.

10294 LEGO Titanic Grand Set Review

An overview of the interior arrangement of the passenger liner becomes available largely due to the fact that this prefabricated model of the Titanic is divided into 3 separate modules. If desired, in this form, the ship can even be stored and demonstrated. This is facilitated by the presence of a multi-section stand. Plus, such crushing greatly facilitates the transportation of a toy ship, if the need arises.

10294 LEGO Titanic Grand Set Review

Well, the most important thing is that such a division of the model allows you to get acquainted with the interior of the famous ship, visit, along with the large staircase and dining room mentioned at the beginning of the review, in different cabins and compare how they differ. After all, it is known that the passengers of the ship were placed in different classes. The designs are also very well recreated:

  • promenade deck;
  • reading room;
  • swimming pool and so on.

All in all, copy of the Titanic makes it possible to reconstruct the situation in the ship, which historically preceded the tragic death of the ship, in an instant equalizing all the passengers of the ship – both rich and poor.

A toy replica with an exact repetition of the items and things characteristic of the original Titanic makes this construction project quite difficult to assemble. And a huge amount of detail ensures that even an adult builder will have to spend many hours on large-scale work. However, the end result is worth it, because as a result, the owner of the designer will become the owner of the most accurate sample of the legendary passenger ship.

The ideal dimensions of the assembled model (height – 44 cm, length – 135 cm, width – 16 cm) and the presence of stands will allow you to demonstrate or store the toy ship on a table, on a shelf or, say, on a windowsill. Additionally, the kit includes an information plate with the name of the liner.

10294 LEGO Titanic Grand Set Review

This Danish manufacturer’s construction set is addressed to adult construction fans and history collectors. The new Titanic buildable model draws attention with its stunning design, many intricate elements, great detailing and elegant architecture.

Sales set 10294 LEGO Titanic in the official online store and other Lego branded stores will start from November 8, 2021.


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