10,000 Lego fans love the golden tree

Golden Trumpet Tree Project, created by Douglas Lambert, after being published on the LEGO Ideas website, won the hearts of 10,000 visitors to the online resource after exactly 479 days. The deadline for selection for the internal stage of the open competition turned out to be quite long, but this does not detract from the dignity of the debut work of the author of the original “brick” model.

The model of the golden tree turned out to be very beautiful and, to some extent, informative. In fact, the assembled structure shows a rare plant from South America. Douglas Lamberto was able to perfectly recreate the image of the symbolic tree of Brazil – the unique Yellow Yipe. It is famous for the fact that even before the leaves appear on the branches, it is completely covered with yellow flowers. This happens at the end of August – at the beginning of September, when spring comes in the second hemisphere of the globe.

In the midst of flowering, under the crowns of a unique plant, a bright carpet of yellow flowers showered on the ground is formed, which creates a stunning visual effect. It is this moment that is captured in the author’s project under consideration. The golden tree is presented in a cozy corner of a typical city park. Under its spreading branches with “sunny” flowers there is a bench, as well as green spaces and colorful flowers, which in themselves bring a special flavor to the spring palette of colors.

The overall picture of the cubes turned out to be so idyllic that you involuntarily begin to imagine that you are sitting on this bench to spend the whole day admiring this exotic natural beauty.

10,000 Lego Fans Praise Fan Idea for Golden Tree Set

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