10 best electronic swings for newborns


Today, modern parents have a very difficult time: many try to combine work (and sometimes study) with raising a child that requires a lot of time and attention. To make life easier and give adults more personal time, manufacturers produce a huge number of different devices for children that can distract the baby for a while. One of these is an electronic swing that gently rocks the baby and helps to fall asleep faster. Many of them have musical accompaniment and various swing modes. Also, most often, the kit includes an arc with toys that newborns love to watch.

A wide range and different price categories allow you to choose the product that best meets both adult and children’s needs: you can choose an expensive multifunctional model, or cheaper and simpler, but no worse. Below is a ranking of the most popular baby swings based on customer reviews to help you quickly navigate the world of baby swings and find the right one. But do not forget that no, even a very functional device, can replace the attention and love of parents.

Top 10 Best Electronic Baby Swings

10 Happy Baby Jolly V2

An excellent electric swing for the little ones is offered by a British manufacturer. They are compact and comfortable, perfect for babies up to 6 months. Made in delicate shades with various bright patterns. The kit comes with a module with toys, there is no table. The seat of the Jolly V2 model is adjustable and can take different positions. Several swing modes allow the swing to move in a classic back and forth pattern. There is a motion sickness timer and a music block with pleasant melodies, the volume of which is adjustable and gives a sound sleep to the baby.

The device from Happy Baby is safe and reliable. It has non-slip feet and stable support, so it can hold even a playful child. Five-point harnesses are additional insurance. If necessary, the product can be folded, it is convenient to store and transport, because when folded it does not take up much space. Its weight is no more than 4 kg. The installation process is quite simple, any parent can handle it. In general, this is an excellent model that meets both the needs of an adult and a child.

9 Capella TY-002B

A convenient and very compact model is offered by a Korean manufacturer. It is presented in the form of a chaise longue with an armchair fixed on both sides on supports in the form of arches. The design of the device is foldable, which makes it easy to transport it. The back of the swing is adjustable for the comfort of the newborn. A small pillow and pleasant to the touch material will give an unforgettable tender sensation. The product is equipped with a music device and a game pendant, allowing you to keep the child busy while parents are distracted by other things.

Caring for the device does not require complicated manipulations: the cover can be removed and washed with delicate means in a washing machine, and the rest of the parts can simply be wiped from dust. Five speed settings and a timer with an auto-off function make life much easier for parents with this model. It can work both autonomously and from a power outlet. There were no big flaws in this product, but judging by the reviews, it is not recommended to use it for babies under two months old – the chair is too big for such crumbs. Some note that the panel with toys is not very conveniently located, but such comments are rare.

8 Baby Care Riva

Minimalist style and soft high-quality finishing materials – this is what distinguishes products for children from the Polish manufacturer from similar ones. The Riva model is made in delicate pastel shades with bright accents. It stands firmly on four legs and is equipped with an electronic mechanism. Six modes make it easy to choose the one you want. Adjustment of an inclination and height of a seat is provided: it is possible to arrange the kid both lying, and half-sitting. The product from Baby Care has a musical option and a timer, all this is regulated by large buttons located on the panel.

The model can be easily disassembled and assembled, for more convenient transportation there are special handles. The seat can also be disassembled, which is a rarity for other brands. With regard to care, the chair is covered with a material that is subject to wet cleaning. Now there is no need to remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine. High-quality support material does not rust over time, making the product durable. Judging by the reviews, this is the best budget model and many young parents choose it.

7 Jetem Surf

The model from Jetem is very popular among parents. It does not have a huge number of functions, but at the same time it is able to bypass many competitors. Surf is attracted by its beauty, simplicity and modest price. It should be noted that the product is made of high-quality aluminum, which facilitates the process of transportation, because this material is light. Rubberized feet prevent the device from slipping, ensuring the safety of the baby. Swing mode and musical accompaniment can be controlled using the remote control.

The baby device runs on batteries. In the responses, buyers note that batteries are not included, but, if necessary, it can be shaken manually. Also, Cerf does not have a timer and a game module. As for care, all parts are removable and machine washable. It is worth noting the “breathing” material, which is extremely rare. The position of the chair is adjustable from lying to sitting. The set includes a small table. It is one of the most durable devices because it can be used from birth up to 18 months, which makes it even more attractive.

6 Pituso Viola TY-006

A spacious and durable swing model is offered by a manufacturer from Spain. It is made in pleasant warm pastel shades that do not irritate the eyes, and is a cradle on four stands. Works in several modes: vibration and swing with six speeds. The inclination of the back and pillows under the head is adjustable, allowing you to feed the child half-sitting, and if necessary, you can put him to sleep right in it. The device has a musical function and a module with toys that entertain the child. All these mechanisms can be controlled both using the panel installed on the device, and using the remote control that comes with the kit.

A special joy for music lovers is the ability to play music from a flash drive or other portable media, for which a special connector is designed. Some parents note that standard melodies get bored very quickly and begin to annoy. This is one of the few models among the best, which has a wide seat and is able to withstand up to 12 kg. It is worth noting the finishing material with which the chair is upholstered – it is synthetic, but the attractive price allows you to ignore this small drawback.

5 Graco Baby Delight

The American manufacturer produces a large number of models of various devices for babies, so even a very spoiled buyer will find a suitable option for himself. All Graso electric swings are designed for newborns weighing up to 9-11kg (depending on the model). All of them have several rocking modes, vibration mode, equipped with seat belts, and anti-slip supports, they have a safe and simple mechanism, and there is also a table to help make the feeding process cleaner. Products are adjustable, allowing the baby to take different positions.

The Baby Delight model is probably one of the simplest and most uncomplicated, and at the same time, it is in great demand. Its simple but bright design and low price attract many parents. It has only two motion sickness speeds, which is quite enough, and is equipped with a timer. It has three positions of inclination of the seat, also a small arc with beautiful toys is included in the kit. The weight of the structure is 4.5 kg, the installation process will be hassle-free, because the model is simple and does not require complex manipulations. It works on batteries. Judging by the words of the parents, this is the best device in terms of price-quality ratio.

4 Nuovita Attento

Lightweight and compact model of electronic swing is worth the money. It is made of high quality material, which, if necessary, is easy to clean. The stand in the form of an oval makes the swing stable, so even a very active baby can be placed there without unnecessary worries. Removable headrest and secure fastening will help create a comfortable environment in accordance with the parameters of the child. The electronic mechanism built into the design can work both from the mains and from batteries. Now you can not be afraid that the electricity will suddenly turn off, disturbing the child.

The manufacturer offers five swing speeds and an additional vibration mode. All this can be adjusted on the control panel, consisting of six buttons. An arc with toys will be delighted not only by children, but also by adults, because it perfectly distracts attention. The device is easy to assemble and disassemble, even an inexperienced person can handle the installation. When assembling, not bolts are used, but special fasteners, which makes the electric swing even safer during operation. As disadvantages of Nuovita Attento, one can note the difficulty of putting on a cover and restrictions on the weight of a child (up to 9 kg).

3 Bright Starts InGenuity

The InGenuity baby swing model looks like a fashionable device and will be a great detail in the interior. It folds easily for easy transportation and works autonomously, a big plus for those who are constantly on the move. The stable metal structure with plastic elements stands securely on the floor, preventing it from tipping over. In addition, safety is provided by a five-point harness that secures the child in the chair. The device has special pads to help prevent the baby from slipping. The soft cover on the seat adds extra comfort and is easy to care for (machine washable).

The chair itself was developed in collaboration with orthopedists and other children’s specialists, so you should not be afraid for the baby’s health. The model has five modes, the speed and smoothness are regulated by a wheel. It is considered one of the simplest and most uncomplicated in the Bright Starts brand line: it has everything you need, besides, it is energy efficient, you will not need to change batteries often. The product is intended for children from birth until the weight of the child reaches more than 9 kg.

2 Chicco Polly Swing Up

Virtually silent and very stable swings from Chicco can be found in many children’s stores and almost all sites. The Polly Swing Up model is a small armchair mounted on two arch-shaped supports. Legs have special protection which does not scratch a floor covering. If necessary, the product can be folded and easily moved to any other place, for example, to fresh air, it will be stable even on grass or sand. The chair has a removable cover, which is very easy to care for: it will not shrink after washing and will not lose its rich color.

The kit also includes a headrest for small children and an insert, making the place for the child even more comfortable. This device has few speed modes – only four and vibration, all of them are regulated at a short distance using the remote control. The manufacturer has provided a special table that allows you to feed the baby right in the chair, and a visor with toys. He is able to both entertain the child and protect against sunstroke, if he suddenly finds himself on the street. The model is quite expensive, but as you know, you have to pay for the best quality and stylish design.

1 Caretero Bugies

The model is considered a leader because of its versatility. It looks very stylish and immediately stands out from other products. Safety is an integral part of modern design. So, this product has anti-slip details on the legs, ensuring stability even on a smooth floor. Five-point safety harness will securely hold even the most active baby. The Bugies model is designed for children up to 12kg, which means it can last a little longer than other counterparts.

Parental reviews noted that the product can be safely used up to 7-8 months, until the baby begins a period of active crawling. The device is equipped with a night light, a mobile with toys, has a musical accompaniment, which includes even the sounds of nature (the murmur of water and the singing of birds). The chair is quite roomy and can be adjusted. It has a removable cover that is machine washable. The model is one of the few that can rock the child not only back and forth, but left and right. It is perfect for those who appreciate style, comfort and functionality in things and want to pass it on to children.

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