10 best books for children 5 years old


A good book is able to give a child moral ideas about human relationships, broaden their horizons, develop imagination and logic, significantly replenish vocabulary and make the crumbs’ speech clear and interconnected. At the age of 5, children are either just beginning to be interested in the world of literature, or are already mastering the technique of reading. And during this period it is very important to introduce them to good works that will instill a love of reading in the future. To begin with, the best option would be a book with vivid illustrations, it is better for the parent to read its contents aloud, and let the child help turn the pages and look at the pictures.

Based on experience, primary school teachers note that a child who reads is immediately visible, he formulates his thoughts more clearly and quickly learns the school curriculum. Child psychologists, on the other hand, argue that the richer the database of books read by a child, the higher his social adaptation. But how to understand what is already possible to read to a child, and what is still early? The world of literature is very rich and we have created a rating of the best books for children aged 5 and over.

TOP 10 best books for children 5 years old

10 Twelve months

Samuil Marshak was one of the best children’s writers of the Soviet period. And one of his most famous brainchildren is the fairy tale “Twelve Months”. This book is recommended for children ages 5 and up. The book can be a good gift for the New Year or Christmas, as it tells about the events that unfolded just for these holidays. According to psychologists, the work will help children understand the number and names of the months of the year in the most understandable way, as well as entertain the child.

The tale tells how the stepmother sent her stepdaughter to collect snowdrops in December, when they bloom only in April, and the girl obediently goes in search. Then she meets all 12 months and then all the most interesting begins. The book “Twelve Months” is one of the best moral works, it will teach kids kindness, right deeds, justice, hard work and, of course, honesty.

9 Pasha and dad

“Pasha and Dad” is a book that is well given to children for independent, enthusiastic reading. All sketches are different and that’s why they are interesting. The collection contains 20 stories about Pasha himself and his father. The book can also become a desktop book for all households of any age, because the stories contained in it are not highly moral works, but simple, life-like, in a sense everyday, stories of an ordinary family.

Pasha is the most ordinary boy who lives in a large city and goes to the garden. But his parents are not easy. With dad, you can safely go hunting for elephants, and mom knows how to beat any cold. This collection perfectly brings the kid and the parent together, allowing you to discuss all the most relevant topics that arise in children at the age of 5, talk about good and evil, friendship and any other eternal values. The child will definitely enjoy reading “Pasha and Dad”!

8 Uncle Fedor, dog and cat

This beautiful book was written by Eduard Uspensky in 1974. On the example of Uncle Fyodor, children will learn to be just as independent, “adult” and serious. But Uncle Fedor, despite the fact that he behaves responsibly, can still have fun, even arrange a holiday for himself, his parents and animal friends. The reviews note that the book is much more interesting than the famous cartoon of the same name, which did not include some of the characters and stories about them.

The writer was very fond of animals, and therefore endowed Matroskin and Sharik with human character traits and the ability to speak. The story is sure to seem fun and interesting to the crumbs, but the main idea of ​​the book can only become clear after several readings. The story in the best way reveals the idea of ​​love for animals, that they, like people, feel everything, know how to rejoice and be offended, that you can be friends with them, live in harmony.

7 Emil and Margot. Monsters are not allowed!

Collection “Emil and Margo. Monsters are not allowed!”, made in the form of a comic book, is an anthology of 14 stories about a prince and a princess. The stories in the book that happen to children are simple and everyday but with a bit of magic, just right for little readers! Most parents in their reviews note that crumbs over the age of 5 willingly read this funny collection of comics on their own, because all the characters are bright characters.

The book tells about Emil and Margo, the prince and princess, who constantly have to do boring things that do not bring any pleasure and joy at all. But monsters come to the aid of the guys and it is they who amuse Emil and Margo. Moreover, these monsters are not evil, but rather kind and funny. After reading, the child will definitely want to discuss the stories with their parents. The book can be a good gift for children for the New Year, because it contains stories about the Christmas tree, Christmas and gifts.

6 Hippo

The comic book “Hippopotamister” is a kind of children’s manual that tells about different professions. Target audience – children from 5 years old. Leafing through this book, the child will study and learn about the main professions and specialties: about doctors, builders, astronauts, actors, teachers, salesmen. Also in the story we will talk about true friendship, some desire to change the world around you and about finding “one’s own place” in this world.

The comic tells about the zoo, which no one watches: all the enclosures are dirty, and the animals are neglected. Two friends live here – the Hippo Hippo and the Red Panda. Red Panda decides that he can no longer live in such a place and leaves the zoo for the city. Panda finds a job and sometimes, visiting Hippo, tells him about how good he is with people. One day, Hippo also decides to go to the people and now he becomes the Hippopotamister.

5 Adventures of Dunno and his friends

The cult work of Nikolai Nosov “The Adventures of Dunno and His Friends” is the first part of the Dunno trilogy. The plot of the fairy tale novel is very exciting and it unfolds in the Flower City, in which little people live – short men. Dunno has not the best character traits, but he is very cheerful and acts as a positive character. Thanks to him, the quiet and measured world of shorties sometimes suffers some chaos.

Children need to have not only ideal characters in the work, but also negative ones. It is important to give the child an understanding that people are different, but this does not make them bad. Also, the story will teach the guys to be friends and help out. Considering the book from the side of the artistry of the language, it is worth noting that it is understandable to children, but it will not be easy for them to read the fairy tale on their own, therefore reading by adults is recommended.

4 Professor Astrocat and his journey through the human body

“Professor Astrocat and his journey through the human body” is a good edition with a hint of an encyclopedia. The publication will help children learn more about the human structure and give them the necessary knowledge about their own physiology. The whole book is accompanied by vivid illustrations, for example, on its spread there are pictures showing the structure of the skeleton, the muscular, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

The publication is made in the style of a comic book, the concept of which is Professor Astrocat’s journey through the human body. It examines the skeleton, skin and hair, muscles, internal organs (heart, lungs, stomach, kidneys, liver), as well as the lymphatic and genitourinary systems. Parents who bought this initial anatomy manual for their crumbs consider it the best for children aged 5 years and older, which they study and easily perceive with rapture and genuine interest.

3 I forgot something and I don’t remember what

A book for the development of memory, the ability to correctly perceive and quickly memorize the necessary information, “I forgot something and I don’t remember what myself,” wrote Nelson Dellis, winner of the US Memory Championship, and who, if not him, knows everything about human memory? The book is about a baby elephant who forgot something and could not remember what it was. An owl came to his aid and told him about an unusual memorization technique. With this technique, you can remember anything.

The idea of ​​the book is to tell kids about mnemonics, with the help of which a child will learn to quickly memorize poems and stories, which is especially important for preschoolers aged 5 years and older; as well as any lists, for example, shopping. The method is built on the principle of association. For example, if you need to remember that apples should be bought, then they can be compared, for example, with a soccer ball that is played in a neighboring yard. The book provides a huge scope for imagination!

2 What is good and what is bad

A book with quatrains by Vladimir Mayakovsky “What is good and what is bad?” rightfully considered one of the best for children. Remarkably, in each quatrain, such words as: “good” and “bad” are mentioned. This helps to make it easier for the child to understand the moral of the book. Since the poems are written on behalf of the pope, who tells seemingly ordinary life situations, it is convenient for parents to read them to the child, as if conducting a dialogue with him directly.

This collection is also perfect for self-training in reading skills for children aged 5 years and older. The simple and understandable style of the works will appeal to kids, as well as teach them basic moral principles and good behavior. In the reviews, this book is also highly praised due to the fact that it is the cause of nostalgia for Soviet childhood for adults. Despite the fact that this work was written about a century ago, it does not lose its relevance.

1 Moidodyr

It is the work “Moydodyr” by the Soviet children’s writer and poet Korney Chukovsky that will explain to the kids in the best way how important it is to observe personal hygiene! Bright, colorful book filled with images, designed for children from 5 years old. Clear, uncomplicated text will bring only pleasure from the reading process. According to psychologists, the image of the strict Moidodyr has a great influence on the children, one has only to remind the child of him, as he runs to take water procedures.

The fairy tale, written in poetic form, saw the light back in 1923, from where such an unusual theme of the work originates, due to the fact that in that historical period there was a very high mortality, including children, from infectious diseases. In this regard, the author, with a touch of humor, but with all seriousness, consecrated the topic of cleanliness. The work is considered a classic in children’s literature and therefore it is recommended that all kids know it.

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