10 best baby strollers


In the first children’s transport – we are talking about a stroller – many useful qualities should be combined at the same time: reliability for the child, maneuverability for parents, convenience and comfort – for the first and second. In conditions when all strollers-books, at first glance, differ only in colors, and upon detailed study they are quite diverse, the rating of models will help out. At the same time, almost all representatives of the review have the best qualities, because of which parents love them so much: compactness, versatility, variability, ease of use.


Honest advice from the article, which, along with the advantages of popular models, also highlights the disadvantages of strollers, will help parents make the right investment in buying children’s transport.


The best choice from the series “bought and forgot for a long time.” By purchasing a stroller for a newly born child, which also belongs to the category of universal, you can use it for 3 whole years. Interestingly, you don’t have to spend money on a stroller seat and a cradle with a car seat, because the model is already equipped with these additions.

Do not forget: If you use the cradle in a car, you will need to purchase attachments separately.

Versatility is not its only advantage. Worthy of attention are the wheels of the stroller, which guarantee, on the one hand, maneuverability (the front ones turn 360 degrees), and on the other hand, stability (they can be fixed, while the rear wheels are fixed in principle).

Thanks to the five-point harness, parents will not worry about the safety of their fidget – he will not slip out of the CAM DINAMICO UP TOP, even if he is in the most active mood. In addition, the soft lining of the straps will not prevent him from moving his arms and legs and stretching his muscles in a long and not always varied walk through the park, the city and even the shopping center.

Parents were not forgotten either – for them, the brand invented a comfortable ergonomic handle with a pleasant to the touch surface made of genuine leather.


What is a stroller good for?

  • Very comfortable for babies: the bottom of the cradle is ventilated, and its headrest rises, allowing you to take a more comfortable position.
  • The walking block is installed in the direction of the road or in the direction of the parent.
  • 4 position backrest for maximum comfort.
  • There is a mosquito net in the hood, so the young passenger will not be disturbed by insects.
  • You can also walk in the rain: for this you only need to install a rain cover (it is included).
  • Suitable for winter walks: the manufacturers prudently put a warm blanket on the child’s legs in the kit.
  • Parents can take everything they need for a walk: the stroller has a luggage basket and a bag.


  • The hood is made of rustling fabric, so it adjusts noisily.


This book model is easy to steer due to the fact that the front wheels turn, making the stroller more manoeuvrable. In addition, it is equipped with a foot brake. The child is held by a handrail with a soft slip and five-point belts: they do not prevent him from moving, but also do not allow him to slip out.

Note: fold the stroller easily with one hand. Folded, it does not fall when standing upright.



  • The child can take the most comfortable position for him thanks to the multi-level reclining of the backrest and the footrest that extends.
  • Parents will definitely be able to take everything they need for a walk with a child: this is facilitated by a spacious pocket in the hood and a deep luggage basket under the seat.
  • The BRITAX B-MOTION 4 PLUS is supplied separately with a plastic sun and wind visor.
  • The hood is very deep – it closes to the bumper, so it protects well from the cold.

The disadvantages of the model include the lack of a raincoat and capes in the kit, as well as the inability to install the seat facing the parent.


This model is universal. Due to the cradle, which is included in the kit, the stroller is suitable for different age categories: from birth to three years.
The child will not be allowed to slip out of the seat with a handrail, as well as five-point belts that hold tightly, but do not press, do not interfere with movement.

Note: the hood has a pocket for small things – rattles, keys, a mobile phone. There is also a viewing window.


Model pluses:

  • The baby will be able to sit the way he likes thanks to the smooth, three-position backrest adjustment. The footrest can also be adjusted: positioned as a footrest or to increase the bed.
  • ABC DESIGN PRAMY LUXE is easy to care for: the removable hood is machine washable: the main thing is to choose a delicate program.
  • In addition to the stroller, a shopping basket is included, where you can put your purchases, and a bag for things made in the same color scheme.
  • During the walk, the baby can look at the parent or at the road: the walking block is rearranged.
  • Included is a mosquito net – insects will not disturb the baby.
  • If the rain caught the child during a walk – it does not matter: a rain cover is supplied with the stroller.

Possible complaints:

  • heavy – weighs from 12 (with a block for walking) to 15 (with a cradle) kilograms;
  • the front wheels do not turn, which reduces cross-country ability.


This option is universal. Included, in addition to the stroller seat, is a cradle for babies and a car seat. The baby can be carried in a stroller, from birth until he is three years old.

The stroller unit and car seat are equipped with a five-point safety harness that firmly holds the baby, preventing him from falling out of the stroller. The straps are adjustable in height and are equipped with soft shoulder pads, so they will not restrict the movement of the baby, press – the best option for comfort.


8 attractive features of the model:

  1. The cradle has a hood – the newborn will not be disturbed by bright light.
  2. The cradle is foldable: it does not take up much space when folded.
  3. Removable wheels save even more storage space. In addition, the stroller can be folded without removing the seat unit.
  4. It is possible to put the walking block in the direction of the road or in the direction of the parent.
  5. BE COOL SLIDE-3 TOP is convenient to operate due to the handle, which can be adjusted according to the height of dad or mom. The handle has an anti-slip coating.
  6. The model is comfortable – its backrest is set in three positions, and the footrest extends.
  7. In addition to the luggage basket, parents can put things in the bag that comes with the kit.
  8. It’s not scary if it rains while walking – you can install a rain cover that is included in the kit.

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This model is universal. It is equipped with a cradle for babies, which can be replaced with a walking block when the baby is six months old.

The stroller has a five-point harness that is adjustable in length. They will not allow the baby to slip out of the seat, while they do not press, do not restrict movement.

Note: the model is agile because its front wheels turn. The wheels can also be fixed, and this is a guarantee of stability on rough roads.

The handle of the model is adjustable in height, equipped with an anti-slip coating. The stroller has a luggage basket, which is easy to get to the side. Together with her, parents also receive a bag, so taking everything a child needs for a walk is real.


What is good “Italian”:

  • Manufacturers put a mattress in the cradle, and also equipped it with a lever that allows you to adjust the headrest (four positions are available). It can be tilted up to 45 degrees for a comfortable feeding position.
  • The bottom of the cradle has ventilation. In addition, it is convenient to carry due to the fact that the handle does not slip.
  • The cradle can be used as a rocking chair: it was equipped with skids.
  • You can put the cradle on the CAM DINAMICO UP AMORE MIO DUETTO chassis in no time, and parents have the opportunity to put it towards the road or in the opposite direction.
  • The back of the walking block is equipped with a four-position adjustment, and the footrest is retractable.
  • The model is suitable for walking in the cold: the manufacturer has insulated the back of the walking block, and put a canopy for the legs in the kit.
  • It is easy to seat the child in a carriage thanks to the bumper coming unfastened from one side. The safety rail can be completely removed.
  • Parents don’t have to worry that the rain will take them by surprise during a walk – a rain cover is supplied with the stroller.

Possible complaints:

  • no mosquito net included.


In addition to the walking block, this popular model was equipped with a cradle. You can roll a child in it from birth, but the stroller can withstand a maximum of 9 kg.


The five-point harness prevents the child from slipping out of the seat. They are adjustable, so they will not press or interfere with the movement of the child. The universal model has a foot brake: just press the pedal lightly to stop it.

Note: the carrycot ABC DESIGN SALSA 3 has a transport handle.

What attracts:

  • Easy care: the upholstery is easy to remove and clean.
  • The backrest tilts / rises in four positions, allowing you to choose the most comfortable position for the child.
  • In terms of weather, the model is versatile: the manufacturers included a raincoat and a warm canopy for the legs. Part of the hood is detachable, which is useful in the heat: the hood will play the role of an awning from the sun, and the baby will not overheat.
  • Reversible handle: the baby can be carried facing the road or positioned facing the parent.
  • Mosquito net, which is sewn into the cradle: insects will not disturb the baby.


The model is suitable for walking with children not younger than six months. It is designed for a maximum of 17 kg. The wheels belong to the type of all-terrain vehicles: they are great for traveling not only on a smooth asphalt path, but also on bumps, off-road: the trip will not cause any inconvenience to the baby.

Note: You can buy additional accessories for the stroller – a cradle and a car seat. Then this model is suitable for newborn crumbs.



  • The stroller has an adjustable backrest (two positions): the baby will be able to take a comfortable position.
  • Parents can put the seat both in the direction of travel and in the opposite direction.
  • CYBEX BALIOS M is easy to store: when the stroller is folded, it stands without support and will not fall accidentally.
  • Convenient not only for the child, but also for the parents: the stroller can be folded with a single movement of the hand. In addition, it is possible to adjust the handle of the model-book for height.

The disadvantages of the model include the fact that a cover is not attached to it.

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The option refers to walking and is intended for children aged from birth to 36 months. Maneuverability and ease of control are provided by the rotation of the front wheels. And their fixation makes the model more stable on uneven surfaces.


The 5-point harness keeps your little one firmly in place and prevents them from slipping out of the stroller. They do not cause discomfort: they do not press, because they are equipped with soft pads, and they are adjustable, so they do not hinder the movements of the crumbs.

Note: By adding a car seat to this top model, it can be converted into a 3-in-1 option. Like the bassinet (included), the seat is easy to install thanks to the One-click system.


  • The backrest can be lowered / raised, choosing a comfortable position for the baby: three positions are available for adjustment.
  • The walking block is placed as you like: facing the parent or towards the road.
  • It is convenient to put the baby in the stroller, lay it down thanks to the removable protective rail.
  • You can walk when it is cool and in the rain: along with the stroller, the owners receive a rain cover, as well as a warm cover for the legs.
  • In the basket under the seat, you can add children’s things, purchases.
  • GRACO EVO has fabric elements with a dirt-repellent coating: it is enough to wipe them with a cloth dampened with water.

The disadvantages of the model include insufficient equipment for warm weather – it does not come with a mosquito net.


This option is universal. It comes with a carrycot for newborns. You can put a child in the stroller seat when he is six months old. Five-point harnesses allow parents not to worry about the safety of a small passenger.

Note: the folded model will not suffer during transportation due to the lock.

The model is made maneuverable by rotating front wheels. It is convenient for parents of different heights to roll it, because the height of the handle is adjustable.


What is good:

  • Parents can place the ABC DESIGN COBRA seat either facing or away from them.
  • The backrest as well as the footrest are adjustable – the child will be able to sit comfortably.
  • Under the seat of the model there is a basket, to which a matching bag is attached. This makes it possible to take everything you need for a walk.
  • Included in the kit is a mesh against insects, as well as a rain cover.

Possible complaints:

  • accessories for winter are not included, for example, a canopy for legs.


This option is suitable for both newborns and older children. It was equipped with a cradle for babies with a changing mat, as well as a walking block. All this is easily installed on the chassis.

Note: The child is protected from slipping out of the seat by five-point harnesses.



  • Getting your baby into the stroller is easy thanks to the removable safety rail.
  • The baby will not get tired during a long walk, because the back of the stroller is adjustable in four positions.
  • Suitable for any weather. ABC DESIGN 3-TEC is suitable for winter walks: its hood is insulated. You can walk with the baby even in the rain – there is a raincoat, take the baby with you to the beach or a picnic: the net will protect the baby from insects.
  • The seat of the top stroller-book is installed both facing the road and towards the parents. The manufacturer also took care of the comfort of parents: the height of its handle can be adjusted. In addition, in addition to the shopping basket, there is a bag included – you can take everything you need for a walk with a baby.

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Each stroller-book included in the TOP deserves to be called the best. Parents of a newborn should take a closer look at the Be Cool SLIDE-3 TOP. This is the “growth” option. It comes with a car seat, carrycot and stroller seat. A hood with a visor will add convenience – it will protect the baby from direct sunlight. A raincoat will help fulfill the recommendation of pediatricians – to walk with children in any weather.


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