10 best 2 in 1 baby strollers


The appearance of a baby in the family is always associated with serious concerns. And one of the first things is the purchase of a stroller. Inexperienced parents do not understand how to approach the choice of a stroller, which functions are important and which can be neglected.

The most reasonable choice is to purchase a stroller with the possibility of its long-term use. The best baby strollers can be considered universal models, they are also called “2 in 1”. They will serve from the moment of birth until the age of three.

For newborns, a cozy cradle is used, it is placed on a wheelbase and covered with a warm mattress for a comfortable stay in it for the baby. Over time, the growing child can be taken out into the street with another block – a walking block. This more adult version is also convenient: the back can be raised so that the child has the opportunity to look at the world, or lowered to sleep.

The stroller reliably covers the baby from gusts of wind or the rays of the sun with the help of a large “hood”. Its handles adapt to the height of the parent, there is a place for toys and children’s things, and purchases can be folded on the lower platform. Another interesting feature is the orientation of the stroller seat, which can be deployed in the direction of travel and in the opposite direction.

X-lander X-Pulse

Excellent model for kids with good operational properties. The padding inside the X-lander X-Pulse is made of cotton, and the outer coating is waterproof.

Technical advantages of this model:

  • The maneuverability of the stroller is excellent, the wheels easily overcome bumps, they are fixed when stopped, and you can go around obstacles without difficulty;
  • The child comfortably sits on the seat – the manufacturer provided the seat back with orthopedic properties;
  • In the evening, you can highlight the footboard;
  • When assembled, it is easily immersed in the car without taking up much space;
  • Inflatable soft wheels provide a uniform and smooth ride.

  Reliable, rugged version of the X-lander X-Pulse

This version of the stroller, like all representatives of 2 in 1, has both a block for walking and a cradle for babies, which can be easily carried with the help of handles. Such a device is very practical if parents have to put the baby to sleep at a party or on trips.

Among the disadvantages: you can assemble the stroller in a position where the seat is oriented forward. Also, there are complaints about the lack of a transparent window and wheel covers.

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Geoby C605

An interesting version of the Geoby C605 stroller, first of all, is attractive with its unique retro design. In the popularity rating of universal baby strollers, this model has found its admirers due to its durability and all-weather capability. Polyurethane wheels, equipped with a spring damping system, are wear-resistant and allow you to confidently use the stroller in poor traffic conditions. The smoothness and noiselessness of the movement contribute to a comfortable walk. In such a stroller it is convenient to sleep or just enjoy the fresh air.

The cradle, like the seat for walking, is spacious and comfortable. It has a headrest that can be raised to the desired position, and its dimensions make it possible to use it as a crib for a newborn: it has fixing elements for traveling in a car. The cradle laid on the chassis is easily fixed in several provisions. The presence of belts with soft inserts in it does not cause inconvenience to the child and makes the walk safe.

Stroller for little princesses Geoby C605

The outer cover of the stroller is made of a material with an anti-mud coating. And mothers with daughters especially fell in love with bright and delicate colors. In the responses, you can often read that this model is designed for little princesses.

Of the minuses, only its severity (17 kg) was noted, which makes it difficult to climb and descend the stairs.

Quinny Moodd

The Dutch company has succeeded in designing a variant of the Quinny Moodd stroller that combines the best features of 2-in-1 devices. It attracts with ergonomic solutions, interesting color incarnations and operational properties.

The bright face covering with contrasting inserts gives this model the look of an expensive sports car. This perception is also facilitated by a three-wheeled chassis, illuminated steps and a technologically advanced frame design. Parents with an active lifestyle will undoubtedly give preference to this model.

Despite the futuristic design, the developer provided this model with all the parameters of comfort and reliability. Its use is possible from the very birth of the baby – the interior space of the cradle is soft, spacious and comfortable.

Quinny Moodd style and reliability

Users are attracted not only by the design of the walking device, but also by the optimal configuration of the product:

  • Sturdy basket (5 kg) for children’s toys or products;
  • Protective solar hood;
  • Coating-raincoat with moisture resistant impregnation;
  • Device for attaching an umbrella.

The above factors brought this version of the 2 in 1 baby stroller to the top.

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ABC Design 3-TEC

An interesting solution for ABC Design 3-TEC strollers won the hearts of parents not only with a stylish design, but also with reliable operation. The three-wheeled walking device is equipped with rear large tubeless wheels, a telescopic handle, and a good shock-absorbing system.

The frame of the cradle is made in a rigid version for better fixation with the chassis. The baby can be safely located on a soft mattress from the moment of birth until he reaches a weight of 9 kg. The inner surfaces of the mattress and walls are upholstered with natural cotton material. According to many mothers, ABC Design 3-TEC has a smooth ride and excellent maneuverability.

To reduce the weight of the product, the manufacturer made the frame in a lightweight version. The dual front wheel makes it possible for mothers not to worry about bumps and bumps – the stroller moves without shaking, it easily goes around obstacles.

  Comfortable stroller ABC Design 3-TEC with excellent functionality

Using the buttons, the mother can easily cope with the removal of the cradle or stroller seat. And the design of the handle involves adjusting its length to the desired height.

Of the minuses, one can note the small dimensions of the basket for things and the shallow depth of the cradle.

Dynamic Cam Up Love My Duet

The four-wheeled Cam Dinamico Up Amore Mio Duetto is recommended for use with children from birth. The comfortable cradle is equipped with a ventilated bottom and has skids for rocking the child, so that it can serve as a cradle. The device is spacious, comfortable, with an adjustable headrest and backrest.

For better maneuverability and cross-country ability, it has large pneumatic wheels equipped with a double brake with the possibility of circular rotation and fixation when stopped. When transported in a car, the chassis folds. The frame is lightweight and made of aluminum.

Walking model Cam Dinamico Up Amore Mio Duetto

Many mothers rejoice at the presence of many necessary compartments and pockets, a pleasant handle without slip effect, a large basket and ease of maneuvering.

The technical parameters are also impressive:

  • The weight is small – only 12.4 kg, which facilitates the descent and ascent of stairs. The weight of the cradle itself is about 5 kg;
  • The frame is durable and made of lightweight metal;
  • The back of the chair is insulated;
  • The orientation of the chair is not only with the back, but also facing the accompanying person.

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ABC Design Cobra

The popular ABC Design Cobra in the range of versatile 2 in 1 baby strollers has taken the top position for a number of reasons.

Firstly, it can be used from the very birth of the baby. Removable walking blocks are fastened to the frame without difficulty, the mother can easily cope on her own.
Secondly, its light weight helps parents a lot in houses without an elevator.
Thirdly, the backrest is adjustable to the anatomical structure of the child’s spine, which allows you not to worry about the inconvenience of the baby during long walks.

The model is distinguished by operational strength – its frame can withstand up to 30 kg. There is a transparent window in the hood, through which the mother can watch her baby during the walk. Rolling it is not difficult, the stroller easily moves over curbs and bumps, the front wheels with circular rotation guarantee good handling.

Robust, solid stroller ABC Design Cobra

Along with many positive responses, complaints were made about the lack of a horizontal mode of the chair, which makes it uncomfortable for a child to sleep on the street.

Graco EVO

Rugged and lightweight, the Graco EVO is loved by many moms for its functionality and handling. Convenient in terms of installing walking blocks, it has the ability to install a Graco child car seat on the chassis. The orientation of the chair is only towards the road, several backrest adjustment modes, one of them is horizontal. The manufacturer took into account the needs of parents and equipped the model with a large basket.

The footrest is adjustable for the height of the child, the protective hood is fixed in the desired position.

It is easy to control the stroller – the wheels allow you to freely go around obstacles on the road and turn easily. The weight of the stroller is only 6.5 kg, mom can lift it up the stairs without difficulty. Folding and unfolding the seat is quick and easy.

Great affordable Graco EVO option

Many users have noticed that the coating material cleans well, always looks neat. The complete set of the stroller is standard – a footrest, rain protection, a warm cape, a voluminous basket for things.

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ABC Design LINGO 6

Another great option is the ABC Design LINGO 6 with six wheels and a solid lightweight frame. Parents like the ease of assembly and the absence of noise during movement: the stroller does not creak, does not rattle, it is possible to wash covers and internal textile materials. When assembled, it is easily hidden in the trunk of a car, in the working position it fits into the elevator without any problems. Additional convenience is provided by the presence of a flip handle.

The weight of the product is rather big, but the design of the wheels makes it possible to control without much difficulty. The stroller is designed for newborns and older children. The straps make the walk safe, they do not bring discomfort to the child due to the presence of gentle pads on them.

Maneuverable and comfortable stroller ABC Design LINGO 6

To keep an eye on the child, a transparent insert is built into the hood. The footrest can be adjusted for height, and the removable bumper is equipped with a divider.

ABC Design Mamba

The German models of ABC Design Mamba are characterized by sophistication of the color scheme and the solidity of the design. Durable, solid and, at the same time, surprisingly manageable stroller has won the trust of users.

This was facilitated by the design features of ABC Design Mamba Purple-black:

  1. By combining large rear and small front wheels in the chassis, the developers were able to give the model good maneuverability, the ability to overcome a bumpy route without disturbing the child’s rest.
  2. For ease of walking, the crossbar of the rear axle is raised.
  3. The handle can be adjusted to the desired height.
  4. There is a function of horizontal installation of the seat; in addition to the cradle and seat, a car seat can be placed on the chassis.
  5. The textile parts can be removed and washed. The hood has a transparent window for monitoring the behavior of the child.

Stylish comfortable model ABC Design Mamba


The unique model of the Jedo TRIM stroller stands apart. The Polish manufacturer Jedo, which develops its models based on regular surveys and the wishes of parents, produces multifunctional strollers for comfortable walks in any area and for any season. All models are certified and created in accordance with international standards.

The Jedo TRIM stroller is made in several modifications. You can choose a model for rough roads with a classic chassis, or you can opt for a stroller with swivel pneumatic front wheels placed on a sports chassis for flat city streets.

In addition, the stroller is available in three series – M-line, T-line and R-line. The M- and T-lines are more compact, while the R-Line model is more spacious. Otherwise, the strollers of the M-line series are considered classic, representatives of the T series have eco-leather details, and in the R-series, the hood covers the cradle more due to the larger number of inserts.

An interesting and comfortable design is distinguished by a ventilated bottom and the ability to rock the baby, as in a real cradle – in the transverse direction. It has an extended canopy, carrying handle and adjustable headrest.

Walking seats have several installation modes, including horizontal, convenient for a sleeping baby. Both blocks are easily and reliably fixed on the chassis and can be dismantled without difficulty.

In general, the strollers of this manufacturer are optimal for babies from birth to three years due to undeniable design advantages, relatively low weight, separation of the brake pedals for the right and left legs, depreciation systems on both pairs of wheels, a durable frame made of lightweight metal, high-quality textile elements with special impregnation.

  Viola: strollers of the Jedo TRIM series

Key points when choosing a stroller:

  1. Weight and dimensions are an important parameter. It is not always possible to walk around the site without curbs, stairs and other obstacles. It is not easy for a woman to drag a heavy stroller up the stairs to the entrance or maneuver it in the elevator.
  2. Controllability. Here it is important to find a model with easy adjustment of the backrest, protective hood, stroller handles.
  3. Cross-country ability and chassis requirements. Walking with a baby does not always take place on asphalt paths, sometimes you have to overcome areas with uneven surfaces, swept up by snow or mud.
  4. Depreciation. Before you buy your favorite stroller, ride it, take a closer look at the evenness and smoothness of the ride. The comfort of walking and sleep of the baby depends on this parameter.
  5. Equipment. It is desirable that the stroller should be equipped with a cape, protective devices against rain, midges, snowflakes getting inside.

To visualize the functionality and performance properties of strollers, some data on the best and most popular 2 in 1 strollers are presented in the table:


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