Will there be new sets with dinosaurs in the Lego collection


Series set fans Lego Jurassic World got another reason to think. The trailer for the new Jurassic World movie has been released on the official YouTube channel. Dominion””. The five-minute fragment takes viewers first millions of years back and shows the everyday life of dinosaurs, and then returns to the modern era.

The episodes showcase many different types of ancient reptiles. After watching the trailer, fans began to speculate about which of the characters in the film will be the basis for the Danish manufacturer to create themed construction sets.

It should be noted that some of the dinosaurs have already become “heroes” of Lego sets, including those designers in which they were presented only in the form of skeletons exhibited in museums. The trailer shows a tyrannosaurus rex, ankylosaurus, maiasaur, giganotosaurus and other ancient inhabitants of the planet. Based on what they saw, commentators suggest that next year sets with figures of at least 8 dinosaurs should appear on the shelves of toy stores!

The opinion is also expressed that from the episodes of the film shown in the trailer, a separate designer deserves the final scene, when a huge tyrannosaurus rex penetrates into the open-air cinema during the film screening.


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