Will the Christmas wreath become a traditional seasonal set?


The Lego company last year, after a break, resumed the production of a Christmas wreath. Apparently, now the old designer LEGO 40426 2 in 1 has permanently registered in the seasonal assortment of the Danish manufacturer dedicated to Christmas. This is confirmed by the fact of the opening of new sales of this set in branded online stores.

As practice shows, this very original gift for the Christmas holiday is in high demand and does not stay on store shelves for a long time. Some sellers are trying to sell it at inflated prices. That is why the Lego company is relaunching the project.

What attracts Western buyers to this prefabricated toy? Probably because it is a wonderful analogue of evergreen branches – one of the main symbols of eternal life. Surprisingly, the wreath assembled from Lego parts really turns out to be very realistic. At the same time, the designer allows the owner of the kit to assemble a 25-cm Christmas wreath to choose from two options:

  • with a red bow;
  • or with four 8 cm candles, which symbolize the 4 weeks of Advent.

An original Christmas present will be a good decoration for the upcoming holidays. The wreath can be hung on the wall, put on a shelf or table.


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