Why the production of mechs of the Marvel series is canceled


Recently, the Danish manufacturer has officially confirmed cancellation of the launch of three new sets with robots. We are talking about the designers of the Marvel series: 76202 “Wolverine Fur Armor”, 76203 Iron Man Fur Armor and 76204 Black Panther Fur Armor. But representatives of the company in their statement did not indicate the specific reasons for such a decision, limiting themselves to the general wording “the problem of stability.” Some enthusiasts have tried to find out why Lego refused to release the announced models.

Three Instagram users – pricyplasticproduct, lego_fulcrum and tdb.customs, conducted their own experiments, and seem to have discovered the main problem. To do this, they recreated the new mech hip mechanism from the official images and video of all three LEGO Marvel robots. Based on the research, it was concluded that the reason lies in the insufficient strength of the joints of parts used in robots. So, if in the armor of Wolverine’s fur the new mechanism is held by the weight of the torso and arms of a mechanical robot, then in the armor of Iron Man from designer 76140 it turns out to be not quite sufficient for this.

Commentators have noted that the joints used in older Lego sets with ball joints and tech pins had little to no problems because they didn’t flex under pressure.


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