Which mattress is best for a newborn baby


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Babies immediately after birth take up a lot of time from their parents. Mom and dad surround the child with care and love, carefully follow the instructions from pediatricians. In the first weeks of life, the newborn spends time mainly in the crib, so you should select high-quality mattresses for the newborn. We are researching the market to help young parents choose bedding and accessories for babies from 0 months old.

Which mattress is best for a newborn baby

Which mattress to choose for a newborn?

The range of children’s mattresses from leading Russian and foreign manufacturers guarantees a free choice and favorable conditions for sleep. When choosing, you have to take into account the main criteria – orthopedic support, hypoallergenicity, environmental friendliness. Choose breathable mattresses with safe fillers for newborns.

Primary requirements:

  1. dense base and orthopedic support;
  2. no harmful fumes;
  3. wear resistance of the material.

Manufacturers use coconut coir, batting, cotton or modern holofiber to create children’s mattresses.

natural materials inspire the confidence of mothers, but are rare. Models of this type are often expensive. To reduce the cost, manufacturers add artificial impregnation and materials. Pay attention to the absence of harmful substances and toxic impurities, so as not to harm the health of the baby.

It must be remembered that wool and natural latex are not used to create mattresses for newborn babies, because these materials cause allergic reactions. Pediatricians do not recommend the use of such bedding in cribs.

Felt, wood shavings, wool – traditional materials for creating mattresses. But they fade, deteriorate over time and roll down. Destruction leads to a deterioration in performance, so these mattresses are not suitable for small children. Mattresses already after 1-2 weeks of use are covered with tubercles, because of which it is inconvenient for a small child to rest.

Mattress dimensions

The product recommended by doctors corresponds to the size of the crib. Small mattresses are constantly shifting, rolling and spoiling, so parents have extra trouble. A large mattress also does not cope with its tasks, because the orthopedic qualities are reduced. The child should rest calmly and not experience stiffness of movements.

The standard dimensions of a children’s mattress are 120×60 cm. It is better to choose other accessories and the crib itself for these dimensions.


The most important parameter of choice was the rigidity of the children’s mattress. In a newborn, the spine and many bones are not fully formed. The spinal column is completely straight, and the natural S-curve appears later. To exclude deviations from the norm in the development of bones and vertebrae, an orthopedic mattress is required. Therapists categorically forbid laying babies on soft and creasing surfaces.

Why you should not choose mattresses with artificial fillers?

Which mattress is best for a newborn baby

The immunity of babies in the first days and weeks after birth is weakened. Artificial fillers often contain harmful impurities. For an adult, the danger is minimal, but for a newborn baby, there is a threat. Another problem is unpleasant artificial odors.

  1. Synthetic materials raise questions among young parents. Manufacturers use a wide range of artificial fillers with unique features. Not all are equally safe for babies.
  2. Artificial fillers are dense and poorly breathable. Babies need comfort and cleanliness, so choose pillows with good breathability. Special attention deserves hygroscopicity – the ability to absorb moisture. Children’s skin is sensitive to moisture, which causes rashes, redness and sweating in babies.
  3. It is not recommended to use thinsulate – artificial swan down. The material does not cause allergic reactions, but the highly siliconized polyester fiber is not elastic enough. Pillows with such a filler do not keep their shape well, and babies should sleep only on an orthopedic base.
  4. Latex is classified as a repulsive material with a specific odor. Synthetic latex pillows provide orthopedic support for the back, but it’s the smell that parents often worry about. But on sale there are combined double mattresses with latex filler for winter time and coconut coir for summer period.

Which mattress to choose?

Young parents often advocate natural ingredients, but they are not always the best choice. It is worth immediately abandoning wool, fluff and even natural latex, because in 30% of cases the materials cause irritation or even allergies. Eco-friendly materials are subject to debate, destruction and natural decay. For babies from 0 to 3 months, moisture-resistant and durable fillers are needed.

A child under 1 year old spends up to 10-15 hours in a crib, so the mattress must withstand the load. Coconut coir provides orthopedic support for the spine. But this material quickly caking, so after 3-4 weeks bumps and lumps appear on the mattress. Coconut fiber filling with special polymer additives to increase wear resistance is suitable for children from 0 to 12 months.

Choose low mattresses 7-9 cm. Pay attention to the shape that supports the baby’s back throughout the night. It creates a reliable support that prevents the baby from turning over and bending the vertebrae.


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