What is hidden in the yellow block with question marks?


Exactly 25 years ago, a new development of Super Mario 64 was presented to video game fans. The new product of the “+18” category from the Danish manufacturer of designers is dedicated to this peculiar anniversary. 71395 LEGO block with a question mark.

The new set will be a delightful gift for all building lovers. Even if they have never been addicted to said video game. The assembly process of the original model itself will bring great pleasure, as it is assembled according to the principle of a “Russian nesting doll” or a “Chinese box” (as you like). That’s why:

  • from the side, the finished toy looks like an ordinary cube, and attracts the attention of others only with question marks on the sides;
  • in fact, this yellow block with a “secret” – its upper part is revealed and in front of us, one after another, game locations of four episodes from the Super Mario 64 video game appear.

In this micro-world there are models of the Palace of Mushrooms, Bombenberg Bob-omba, Bobberberg-Bob and Lava Lagoon. The set also includes 10 miniature figures of the main characters of the story: Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach and King Bob-omb, chained dog, Big Bully, Glubsh, Lakita, penguin and baby penguin. So the owner of the set has the opportunity not only to admire the locations, but also to arrange an interactive game.

It is reported that sales of the collectible set 71395 LEGO block with a question mark will start from October 1, and exclusively in Lego company stores.

What is hidden in the yellow block with question marks?


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