What is expected in the popular LEGO City series in 2022?


Among the most anticipated new products in 2022 of this series is a set 60329 LEGO School with school bus. Surprisingly, it turns out that the designers of the Danish company for the first time in Lego City will offer consumers to build a school building. So the event will become almost historical.

There is no official information on this designer yet. However, it is already known that the set will consist of several structures:

– buildings of a two-story educational institution;

– models of the classic yellow school bus;

– bus stop;

– a small playground;

– a fragment of a street adjacent to the school territory with a roadway for public transport.

It is also expected that the kit of the designer will include 5 miniature figures and a wheelchair.

Among the “starter” novelties of 2022, constructors for the popular sub-themes of the urban series “Police”, “Fire” and “Vehicles” will prevail. At least, there is information that in the first months of the new year, 14 new themed sets will appear on store shelves at once.


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