What elements and parts LEGO introduced in July 2022

June in sets Lego For the first time, more than 600 new parts and elements were presented. This month, the number is more than modest, however, the July novelties also deserve attention. First of all, the roller coaster rails, golden plates and universal ninja weapons are of interest. Let’s consider them in order.

New rails for roller coaster and railroad

In July, LEGO introduced new elements and parts for designers

In set number 10303, the roller coaster model rails include 3 extensions. It is actually a very short straight line, only four spikes long. Such a detail, of course, can be used in other construction projects, even those not related to roller coasters.

The second novelty is four loop rails, the connection of which forms a loop. And, finally, a new part is a sloping curve – a quarter round curve and at the same time “descending” downwards.

Thus, now the builders of structures for extreme attractions and railway transport will have only 10 different types of rails.

Sat golden cymbals for music set

In July, LEGO introduced new elements and parts for designers

No less useful and interesting new details were presented to construction fans in July by the set 21334 LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet. For the first time, a 6×6 striker cymbal in metallic gold is shown in the assembly model. More precisely, this is an element with gold specially applied to it, which shines so beautifully. Thanks to this, all Sat bowls are now presented in such a metallic color in the “world of cubes”: 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and 6×6.

Universal ninja weapon in a new application

In July, LEGO introduced new elements and parts for designers

In this case, we are not talking about a universal ninja weapon at all, but about a hexagonal ring from it, to which the creators of the designer 21334 LEGO Ideas Jazz Quartet found new uses. The developers of the project borrowed it from the details of the Ninjago line.

In the sets of this series, they have been used as weapons by young ninjas since 2015. Then the ring began to be integrated into other lines, including modified versions and updated colors. In general, it gradually turned into a universal element. And now the ring has found a very successful application in a series of ideas – it was installed in the fastening of coasters to drum cymbals.

It remains to be regretted that the named novelties remain the same unavailable for a separate order in LEGO Pick a Brick, as it turned out with all the other new parts of 2022. So the fans of design, who prefer to engage in individual “brick” creativity, can only hope and wait that someday this barrier will be removed.

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