Wall Display LEGO 10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery


A year ago NASA and Lego pleased construction fans with a magnificent set 10283 LEGO Creator Expert NASA Space Shuttle Discovery. The issue was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the first space shuttle flight. From its parts, it was proposed to build an exact copy of the famous aircraft on a scale of 1:70, along with a model of the Hubble space telescope.

After almost a year, the already forgotten constructor in the UK was talked about again. The reason for this was the appearance on sale of a special wall-mounted showcase for the space kit, created by iDisplayit. It is a huge square case measuring 73 by 73 cm with a lid and 29 cm side walls made of transparent acrylic 3-5 mm thick. The back wall is decorated with a printed space background. From the inside, the wall showcase is equipped with hidden brackets, on which spacecraft models are securely fixed. At the same time, the Hubble telescope can be placed both to the left of the Shuttle and to the right, or even remove it from the overall composition.

The wall-mounted display case with models can be placed on a bookcase shelf or on a chest of drawers, or hung on the wall after installing four hooks. The main thing is that regardless of the storage option, the models from the space set will forever remain dust-free and will look like in the picture.

In general, only one thing confuses this novelty: its cost is 192 pounds sterling (19,747 rubles), which is even more expensive than the price of the set itself, which costs 159.99 pounds (16,454 rubles).


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