VIDIYO Series May Resurrect With LEGO Fortnite Theme

Last year, we already talked about the fact that the Danish company decided to close the release of sets of its “musical” VIDIYO series. Now something similar is being prepared for release.

Recall that since 2019, the LEGO Group, together with Universal Music Group offered consumers a completely unique product of its kind. In it, the developers tried to connect the worlds of physical and digital games. The owners of prefabricated kits built a variety stage from cubes and assembled a miniature figure of some famous singer. Then a highlight was connected to the design in the form of “musical” plates, which allowed real music to be played through gadgets. The result was a kind of home studio for recording music videos.

Despite all efforts, these designers did not receive due demand and turned out to be unprofitable financially. Therefore, the manufacturer was forced to close the project. But in general, Lego did not abandon the idea. Such thoughts are prompted by a recent press release from a new business partner, Epic Games, announcing the start of work on the Fortnite theme.

From the information received, it is clear that in terms of content, the new video game does not differ from the rejected VIDIYO project. So it is quite possible that we will soon see a revived version of the “musical” series. Moreover, the partnership also implies the development of projects to combine physical Lego sets with digital technologies, as was the case with the Universal Music Group for LEGO VIDIYO.

LEGO Fortnite will be an attempt to revive the failed VIDIYO series

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