Video games from Lego will be released in a new partnership


Danish company lego Group in video game development terminates cooperation with TT Games. One of the reasons for the rupture of relations, according to analysts, was the decline in video game sales. However, this does not mean at all that Lego intends to leave this line of business. The company has now entered into an exclusive deal with a new partner, 2K Games.

The news spread on the Internet that VISUAL CONCEPTS and the British SUMO DIGITAL have received a license from Lego to create a number of sports games. It is reported that work on the first three arcades is already in full swing. The first will be a football-themed video game. The release of the game, most likely, they want to coincide with the World Cup, which starts in November. Sumo Digital, the British studio Team Sonic Racing and Sackboy: A Big Adventure are involved in the implementation of this project.

Premiere of the second video game LEGO 2K Games should take place next year. It will be about racing. But there is almost no information about the third game except for the statement that it will be based “on a major sports franchise.”

Video game publisher 2K Games has significant experience with sports-themed projects. However, he has high hopes for the new cooperation. First and foremost, the company sees the LEGO Group as an ideal partner to attract young gamers.


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