Version of the computer game “Terraria” at the LEGO Idea Contest

Construction lovers have long been accustomed to the fact that the company Lego occasionally releases desktop versions of popular video games. Minecraft, for example, has generally become a separate line of designers.

However, such an interpretation, which is offered by a Lego fan under the nickname JaoGosma, has not yet been met among branded prefabricated toys. The author of a unique project transfers a game-phenomenon called “Terraria” into the “brick” universe. By the way, this computer game has more than 30 million fans in the world!

A simple arcade game, in many ways reminiscent of Minecraft in 2D format, appeared in 2011 and has been very popular among gamers since then. Therefore, it is not surprising that the idea of ​​JaoGosma, after publishing photos and descriptions on the site LEGO Ideas quickly gained the coveted 10 thousand votes of support – after only 153 days. Now the model is among the Lego homemade products, which the competent jury of the designers of the Danish manufacturer will consider in the second review of author’s works in the fall of 2022.

And again, the desktop version of the computer game

So, what is the desktop version of the Terraria PC game? The design consists of approximately 1970 parts and includes:

  • location from a two-story house with a basement,
  • pond;
  • a sufficiently deep cave – it is she who will become the subject for research.

This cave can be accessed through the basement. Inside, it is divided into two niches, but both, in the end, lead to the shore of an underground lake. On the way down, the player will be able to increase their health with a life crystal. There is also a cave chest in which various useful resources are stored. In general, the entire setting and buildings of the complex follow the standard template of the original video game. A little imagination and fantasy – and the owner of the desktop “Terraria” will be able to be transported to the world of unusual adventures with dangers at every turn.

And again, the desktop version of the computer game

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