Two sets for Batman fans from the world of LEGO


The Lego company at the end of the outgoing year decided to please the many fans of the Batman superhero. It is noteworthy that one of the produced thematic constructors is addressed to children of 8 years of age, and the second – to 18-year-old construction lovers. Both projects feature the unique vehicle of the protagonist from The Dark Knight.

76239 LEGO Tumbler Batmobile Scarecrow Fight set.

In addition to the Batmobile model, the set includes two miniature figures – Batman and Scarecrow. It can be seen from them that their images are clearly copied from the 2008 adventure trilogy mentioned above. The superhero is armed with a batarang, a hook, and a spare “nightmare” head, while his opponent is armed with a stud shooter and a poison gas canister.

As for the main model of the designer, the creators managed to recreate a magnificent copy of the most advanced armored vehicle for fighting crime from The Dark Knight. The famous war machine looks just amazing and is perfectly detailed. You can open the roof and look into the cabin, which has driver and passenger seats, a control panel, etc. The Batmobile is equipped with two stud shooters mounted in front of the vehicle.

It is especially impressive that all this “fits” in a small model: the height of the “Tumbler” will be 7 cm, length – 19 cm, width – 12 cm.

In general, the Batmobile will be an excellent toy and will allow the child, together with Batman, to protect the peace of the inhabitants of Gotham City from the criminal encroachments of the villain Scarecrow. Well, when the criminal is caught, the armored car can be safely put on the shelf. This model will be a beautiful decoration for a child’s room.

76240 LEGO Tumbler Batmobile.

76240 LEGO Tumbler Batmobile

Assembling this large model of the most iconic car in film history will allow 18-year-old builders to test their creative and technical skills. There is a difficult job ahead, because more than 2000 parts and elements must be attached to a single structure. In general, everything here is grown-up.

The collector’s model, in fact, is an enlarged analogue of the Tumbler Batmobile from the children’s version. Its height is more than 16 cm, length – 45 cm and width – 25 cm. Therefore, in terms of content, they are largely identical both in design and in individual elements. The only difference is that this kit includes a special stand for demonstrating an armored vehicle. And there is also a difference in the composition of the minifigures – here the supervillain Joker is represented as Batman’s opponent.

The developers of the new constructor promise that adult fans of the “world of cubes” will get a lot of impressions and pleasure from this set!


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