“Treehouse” from the series “Minecraft” in the new version


Fans of the Minecraft series will undoubtedly love another game location based on the popular video game. To the creators of the recently released constructor 21174 LEGO Minecraft Modern Treehouse succeeded in elevating the topic to a whole new level. Especially if you compare the novelty with a similar set that was produced by Lego in 2016. Plus, this desktop version brings building fans back to the jungle, which, compared to other Minecraft worlds, appear quite rarely in Lego sets.

The main structure is being built on a platform measuring 20 by 17 cm, the height of the structure is more than 29 cm. The model is an inhabited building on a tree, consisting of four different rooms – a kitchen, a library, an office and a bedroom. Accordingly, in the interior arrangement and various accessories included in the package of the toy, things and objects typical for the Minecraft video game were used – tools and even TNT. There are also various necessary additions to life in the form of a sofa, armchair, bedding and other things.

With such an impressive construction set, any child will be able to organize a truly creative game, spectacular and exciting. At the same time, you can play with the model both offline and combine it with other thematic sets.

21174 LEGO Minecraft Modern Treehouse distinguished by its versatility. Initially, he encourages the owners to creatively rebuild the main model of the set. Thanks to the use of modular technology in the assembly, it is easy to assemble a tree with a thick trunk and branches, and next to it to build living quarters that stand apart from each other. As a result, another Minecraft game location appears on the table, associated with the jungle. The limitation here is, like the original version of the game, only the fantasy of the owner of the toy.

Along with an endlessly customizable treehouse, the child gets realistic Minecraft features at their disposal. In addition, the set includes figures of a charged creeper, a zombie, a cat and a chicken, as well as panda and ocelot skins, and many accessories that are well known to fans of the video game. In general, the new thematic constructor will help you build the most realistic gaming location ever seen in the desktop versions of Minecraft.


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