Toyota Lego model available for Dubai residents and visitors


Do not rush to complain about the fuzzy image of the legendary car in this photo. The quality of the footage is irrelevant. Just in front of you is a copy of a Japanese car, completely assembled from Lego parts.

Imagine the reaction of car enthusiasts and LEGO collectors when they first saw this Land cruiser, built in 1:1 scale to the original version. But they were in for an even bigger shock after they learned that this “toy” car not only accurately represents the vehicle, but is also able to move like a real car.

This unique copy was presented to the public by the Toyota dealership in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, as part of an advertising campaign dedicated to the release of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300. The assembly of the MOC was ordered from the local Lego branch. 12 specialists worked on the project! To get an exact life-size copy of the Japanese novelty, they had to use 440,000 LEGO bricks and spend 2688 hours of working time. The weight of the “toy” is 2050 kilograms.

Now, until December 15, this massive Lego replica of the Japanese SUV will be displayed alongside the original Toyota Land Cruiser brand at Al-Futtaim at Dubai Mall. So many visitors will have the chance to see both amazing wonders side by side.

You can’t call them anything other than a miracle. Especially when it comes to Lego. The automotive theme in the designers has been developing since the first years of the Danish company’s existence and is always in great demand, despite the change of generations. In recent years, thanks to the evolution of building materials, toy cars have mostly become true copies of real-life prototypes, only in smaller sizes. But the assembly of such a large-scale and mobile copy, perhaps, was and will remain the only one in the history of LEGO. However, the examples are contagious and it is quite possible that someone else would like to carry out a similar advertising of their products.


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