Top 5 Most Fascinating Construction Sets for Boys


A good and correct designer develops fine motor skills, actively trains the small muscles of the hands, teaches you to compare and coordinate the movements of the hands and vision.

It helps to cultivate independence, show patience, discipline, trains attentiveness and dexterity.

And if the designers allow not only to collect parts, but also to play role-playing story games, they also develop imaginative non-standard thinking.

First place. Lego Education Wedo

In the first place of our rating is the universal Lego Education Wedo 9585 set, which consists not only of a large number of Lego System parts, but also of other useful components, wheels, doors, fasteners, and so on.

According to the instructions, this set will allow the child to assemble a crane, a Ferris wheel, a house and a car.

Second place in terms of complexity and fascination, you can give it to the designer “Visiting Police Squad”

It is a quality analogue of Lego 60044.

It has full compatibility with the original, immerses the child in the police reality: for example, park a real police car, deploy a satellite dish or hunt down a criminal.

There is a modern observation post with monitors in the car. And thanks to the maneuverable wheels of the vehicle itself, it is easy to arrange a serious pursuit of the criminal.

The set includes (fully assembled) a truck, a trailer with on-board electronics and figures.

The fourth place is awarded to the constructor “Fascinating Mathematics”, which will be interesting for children from 5 years.

Great for teaching counting, mathematics, promotes the development of fine motor skills, logic and thinking.

The colorful electromechanical constructor “Tools for Creativity” closes our ratingwhich is the most versatile.

From it you can assemble and design a variety of figures, create realistic robots, make dinosaurs.

Interacts with application, microcomputer, engine.

It will be an excellent option for a designer for boys from 7 to 12 years old.

Trains ICT skills, engineering and design. A very successful, but not the easiest task for those who love to create, build, design, model. It has a light sensor and an ultrasonic sensor.

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