TOP 5 best tricycle strollers for children


Children’s transport on three-wheeled chassis has become popular in the last ten years. Moms and dads quickly appreciated the mobility, agility and ease of use of this type of stroller – especially in narrow sidewalks with outdated pavement. Therefore, the choice of a tricycle is logical and understandable. And to understand the differences between the models and buy the right one, the rating of the best will help.

Baby tricycles

ABC Design Cobra

ABC Design Cobra tricycle

The universal model will appeal to parents who support reasonable savings. In the cradle, you can roll a baby from birth, and when the baby grows up, put a removable block for walking. At the same time, the high maneuverability of the three-wheeled ABC Design Cobra is maintained regardless of the block used. This is especially important in narrow city streets and frequent turns.


1. The front wheel is swivel and allows you to easily get around obstacles. In addition, it was equipped with a locking system. If you fix the wheel in the right position, you can effortlessly guide the stroller over uneven, bumpy roads.

2. A large trunk allows you to take with you the right amount of things and bring purchases from the supermarket to your home.

3. Three positions of the back of the block for children from six months provide a comfortable walk during wakefulness and sleep of the baby.

4. The model is folded like a book and closed with a special lock. Thanks to him, the stroller will not decompose at the wrong time – in transport or when carrying.

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5. The block for walking is attached in two positions: facing the road and facing the parents.

6. The rear axle is raised, so there is more room for the legs. The telescopic handle can be adjusted in height.

Possible complaints:

  • The weight of the model is 14 kilograms. This should be taken into account if there are frequent ascents without an elevator.

Peg-Perego Book Cross Complete

Tricycle Peg-Perego Book Cross Completo

A casual stroller is a practical and reliable transport for every day. A model in denim color will be an effective solution for walking along city streets on weekdays and holidays. Non-staining textiles look neat and tidy, regardless of the weather. A deep hood, insulated leg cover and rain cover will protect your baby in inclement weather. In the warm season, for additional ventilation, you can use the mesh liner of the hood.

Special Features:

1. The “Book” was created for children from six months, while the sitting block is replaced by a cradle from a branded set of the same color without auxiliary adapters. Thus, in the Peg-Perego Book Cross Completo, you can ride a baby from birth.

2. The folding system is designed taking into account the Ukrainian weather: even when folded, the textile parts do not come into contact with the chassis elements. So the slush and dirt of the off-season will not stain the transport of the child.

3. The model was equipped with a handbrake. He is responsible for blocking the rear wheel axle. Such a braking system facilitates control and makes the stay of a small passenger in a stroller safer. The latch for securing the front wheel is located on the side of the chassis.

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Spring dampers and ball bearings in the wheels are the key to the mobility of the structure and high cross-country ability on uneven surfaces.


  • the walking module is placed only in one position – facing the road.

Thule Urban Glide2

Thule Urban Glide2 Twin Tricycle

Parents of twins and twins are doubly happy. And for moms and dads who are used to leading an active lifestyle and cannot imagine life without sports, walking with babies is a great way to keep fit. To run safely and enjoyably, use the dedicated Thule Urban Glide2 sports stroller. The brand is known in the international market for goods for sports and outdoor activities.

Advantages of the model:

1. Three rubber wheels make it easy to ride off-road. Small pebbles and pits will not create obstacles during the walk.

2. Swivel front wheel improves maneuverability. If necessary, it is easily fixed in the desired position.

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3. The rear suspension provides excellent shock absorption, so that while riding over bumps and potholes, little ones will feel comfortable.

4. The luggage basket was equipped with a waterproof cover. It is enough to fasten it with a zipper, and things in the trunk will be protected from rain and snow.

5. Parents of twins often find it difficult to handle bulky double strollers. In the same model, folding with one hand and removing the rear wheels with one push is provided. This ensures the mobility of the stroller when transported in the trunk of a car and public transport.

6. Separate hoods allow you to adjust their position individually for each baby.

Britax B-MOTION 3

Britax B-MOTION 3 stroller

The stylish model in cosmic black is designed for long city walks. Light Britax B-MOTION 3 weighs only 11 kilograms, which is optimal for strollers with the ability to install interchangeable units – cradles and car seats. Weight is reduced by using a lightweight aluminum chassis.

Other benefits:

1. Three large inflatable wheels provide high flotation. Difficulties and obstacles of the outdated road surface and off-road will become almost invisible thanks to them.

2. Soft and comfortable ride is guaranteed by shock absorption on each wheel and rear suspension.

3. The model is folded like a book, and a special mechanism in the design allows you to do it with one hand. In addition, an automatic latch keeps the stroller folded. In an upright position, the model stands without support, so you don’t have to look for a wall or a bench.

4. The five-point safety harness is adjustable according to the baby’s age and height. Therefore, the grown-up child will not press anything.

5. An additional grip zone was placed in the center of the solid handle to control the children’s transport with one hand.

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6. The swivel wheel at the front is fixed for a comfortable ride on slippery and uneven surfaces.

7. There are two buttons for quick adjustment of the handle height. It is enough to press them at the same time to adjust the control to the height of the parent.


  • the model is intended for babies from birth, but use from three months is recommended. Installing a cradle for a more comfortable and safe riding baby is also an option.


Tricycle stroller BabyHit VOYAGE AI

The sandy brown stroller looks cozy and a little plush. The model is a practical alternative for those who are tired of high-tech style and urbanism. BabyHit VOYAGE AIR is designed for walks with a baby from six months at any time of the year and weather.

The “book” was equipped with an insulated canopy. It can be fixed in several different positions. The hood descends to the handrail, so in autumn and winter the child will be warm and comfortable.

Other features:

1. The wheels are made of rubber, so they are not afraid of bumps and small obstacles on the road.

2. The front wheel is dual. This design allows you to manage with a minimum of effort. It is also possible to fix the front wheel for driving in a straight line.

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3. A special button on the handle makes it possible to fold the model with one hand.

4. Shock-absorbing elements are installed on each wheel, so the baby will not shake on bumps and potholes.

5. With care for parents, a mini-table with cup holders and a glove compartment for useful and necessary little things were equipped on the handle. During a walk, you can safely drink tea, coffee, water from a paper or plastic cup, and not rummage through your bag in search of a bottle of mineral water. A roomy trunk for children’s little things and purchases will come in handy when going to the store or visiting.

Among the three-wheeled baby strollers, the most popular are strollers. They are the best in terms of cross-country ability and ease of control, optimally designed for urban conditions. For the same reasons, universal specimens also made it to the top: they are easier to “steer” than four-wheeled ones, through snowdrifts, puddles and pits on the sidewalks. Also, among three-wheeled children’s vehicles, there are often models designed for sports exercises and long walks. When choosing a three-wheeled stroller, weight and dimensions should be taken into account.


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