TOP 10 best baby stroller manufacturers


Moms and dads are always interested in the reputation of a manufacturer of products for children. Parents pay attention to quality, hypoallergenicity, design, price. How to choose the best model? The TOP of the best stroller manufacturers will help you make the final choice. They all worked on their reputation.


This relatively young brand was founded in 2007. The company produces products for babies from birth to school age. Manufacturers adhere to the concept of producing functional goods, paying attention to design. The manufacturer makes canes, 2-in-1 options, functional car seats, feeding tables.

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Main features of BABYHIT:

  • Design. The organization has worked on the design of its product, releasing unisex products for boys and girls.
  • Price. The price of models for newborns, walking or walking sticks will satisfy the economical buyer.
  • Equipment. Depending on the model, there are shopping baskets, insect nets, raincoats. The Rainbow G2 Black Jack has a recess for a cup or sippy cup.
  • Materials. The upholstery can be easily removed and washed.

The disadvantages of the brand models are insignificant. They do not have toggle handles. The front wheels are swivel. This can create inconvenience while driving. Common brand flagships include:

BABYHIT - relatively inexpensive strollers with an original design


The company from Germany ABC DESIGN is a wide range of children’s products. The company has been on the market since 1989, and from time to time improves its products, adapting to innovations. The manufacturer uses high-tech style in the design. In 2003, the first model with a car seat was released.

The organization has patented the shape of the frame and the cushioning system, so the comfort of a small passenger is guaranteed. The ability to change the direction of the seat and the position of the back, adjust the height of the handle – additional advantages.

Main features of ABC DESIGN strollers:

  • Range. In the line you can find, for example, options for twins.
  • Control. Any model will not create inconvenience. Depending on the type, there are several continuously adjustable backrest positions.
  • Safety. Bending down, the back always takes into account the structural features of the baby’s spine. All models have five-point harnesses.
  • Protection from the hot sun through upholstery fabrics.

Among the disadvantages are the high cost of models for twins, a lot of weight.

The most famous options are:

ABC DESIGN launches strollers with one and two seat units


This English company produces not only strollers – it is also known as a manufacturer of car seats. After merging with the German company Romer, she began to use the latest technology: this company is known for producing products with a growth function. These are universal and strollers with many additional amenities, among which it is worth highlighting:

  • A large basket in universal and walking models. It will allow you to comfortably organize mommy’s day and go shopping, taking everything you need for the baby.
  • Kapor. It will reliably protect from wind, precipitation, direct sunlight, provide comfort and a relaxing stay for the child.
  • Any model can be assembled with one hand, spending a minimum of time on it.
  • Footrest adjustment and the ability to change the angle of the backrest.
  • Sleep ventilation.

Demanding parents will also like the design of BRITAX strollers.
The manufacturer did not provide a raincoat and a mosquito net in the configuration for the models. In walking models, the unit is installed only facing the road.

The most famous models:

BRITAX - strollers with a large hood and a spacious basket


This Polish manufacturer specializes in the manufacture of strollers “2 in 1”, “3 in 1” with a car seat and “4 in 1” – the latter has a base with Isofix – a European quality fastening system. It will allow you to quickly, correctly and safely carry out the installation of a car seat.

The brand is working on design. In the process of making strollers, printed fabrics are used, different textures and eco-leather are combined. Weaving from a vine is used as an additional decor.

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RETRUS wheelchairs attract:

  • Frame. Lightweight aluminum is used for its production. The design includes a suspension and shock absorption system that absorbs shock and provides a comfortable ride on rough roads.
  • Functional walking modules. The footrest and back are adjustable, there is a bumper, a spacious hood with several positions.
  • Inflatable wheels. Thanks to them, the stroller rides smoothly and maintains maneuverability on any road surface.
  • Upholstery fabrics. They are hypoallergenic and absorb moisture, providing full air circulation.

Models of this manufacturer can not be called cheap. In some strollers, the walking block is installed in only one position, facing the parent.

The most popular models include:

RETRUS strollers — original design, innovative frame design


This Polish company has been on the market for more than 20 years. Thanks to the modern features and stylish design of the products, it has managed to win the recognition of the global buyer. The brand produces universal and strollers. Key features of X-LANDER products:

  • Reliable construction. Most models have single swivel and non-swivel wheels that provide comfortable movement on smooth asphalt, wet ground or off-road.
  • Wide model range. Walking options are designed for older kids.
  • Safety. Achieved through the use of five-point belts and depreciation system.

In the design, the manufacturer adheres to the classical style. Models attract attention with minimalism and practicality.

Among the significant drawbacks is the large weight of strollers. They are not easy to deal with when climbing stairs. Also, the equipment often does not provide a warm cover for the legs.

Common models are as follows:

X-LANDER Launches Classic Strollers and All-Purpose Strollers


A well-known brand that has been on the market for over 60 years. The manufacturer pioneered the use of rubberized fabrics to make strollers, making them versatile and affordable for most parents. Its products comply with European standards.

PEG-PEREGO strollers are bright shades. Among the key features of the models:

  • Ease. The light weight of strollers makes them comfortable to ride on various surfaces, including bumps, steps.
  • Pendants. In some models, they are soft enough, so the products are easy to move, being exceptionally convenient for trips around the big city.
  • Maneuverability. It is achieved due to the front wheels – they turn and can be fixed in the desired position.
  • Versatility. The strollers are suitable for the installation of a car seat.
  • Compactness. The user can fold the product, put it in the trunk of the car, move it to another place.

The downside is the packaging. Not everywhere insect nets are provided, raincoats are useful accessories necessary for a walk, especially during a baby’s sleep.

Among the manufacturer’s products are popular:

PEG-PEREGO - compact strollers for traveling parents


The brand, headquartered in China, has gained immense popularity as a manufacturer of a wide range of children’s products, including strollers. She produces universal options and canes, so each parent will be able to choose the right option for the baby.

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The key advantages of GEOBY strollers are:

  • Decor. The product is a combination of beauty and practicality. The manufacturer has developed models taking into account the anatomical features of the body, making them suitable for walking and relaxing. Many models are decorated with colorful prints.
  • Safety. Reliable brakes and wheel mounts, a rigid frame, five-point belts will take care of the comfort of the crumbs.
  • Price. Strollers-canes belong to the products of the budget segment. Along with the popularity of the brand, this makes them very common.
  • Equipment. Everything necessary for the comfort of the parent and baby is provided – mattresses, luggage bags, covers.

The lack of a flip handle, a short hood that does not protect well enough from heat and strong wind are the shortcomings of the strollers of this manufacturer.

Common models include:

GEOBY - inexpensive strollers with original design


A brand that is famous for the production of lightweight, compact strollers designed for active parents – athletes and travelers. His models even found a place in the Guinness Book of Records – there they are marked as the lightest and easiest to manage.

Among the numerous advantages of GB, it is worth highlighting:

  • Two folding methods. Even a very tiny mommy can handle this process.
  • Padded seat belts. They are easy to remove and adjust.
  • Dual brakes.
  • Ease of management.
  • Removable fabric.

Traveling parents should purchase this option. Thanks to special adapters, a car seat is attached to them. So, any vacation with a baby will become more comfortable. Any stroller of the brand can accommodate a child up to 4 years old.

A significant drawback is the lack of protection from rain and insects in the configuration. They have to be purchased separately. There is also no toggle handle.

The most popular are:

GB - strollers recorded in the Guinness Book of Records


Children’s products produced by this brand are known all over the world due to decent performance, modern design and moderate cost.

Under this name, compact strollers and universal strollers come in different colors. Features of BABYSING strollers:

  • Convenience. They are easy to travel with – the process of folding the device will take a minimum of time, it will fit in a car, train or plane without any problems.
  • Materials. Reliable aluminum alloys combined with durable plastic and wear-resistant hypoallergenic fabrics are ideal for modern parents.
  • The weight. All models are relatively light, so they are easy to handle.
  • Design. The manufacturer uses beautiful, bright colors.

Among the shortcomings is the lack of a rain cover for the stroller. The block they have is installed only facing the road, the position facing the parent is not provided.

Among the common models:

BABYSING - quality strollers for travel


This producer exists recently, but confidently wins the sympathy of parents around the world. In product development, the company focuses on young, advanced moms and dads who are not indifferent to innovation. The manufacturer strives to reach the golden mean between stylish design, technical performance and affordable price.

BE COOL strollers can make life easier for parents thanks to:

  • Universal models “3 in 1” (with a car seat). These functional strollers are designed for babies from birth.
  • Wheels. They are made of polyurethane – a reliable, durable, easy-to-use material.
  • regulation. There are 3 to 5 positions for the backrest, depending on the model. So, the baby will be able to sleep, relax or watch the world around him in a sitting position.
  • materials. For the manufacture of strollers, durable plastic and aluminum, as well as high-quality fabrics, are used.

Among the shortcomings of the models is the lack of bags, leg covers, mosquito nets in the configuration of some strollers. The latter are not provided in addition to universal products.

Popular models include:

BE COOL - strollers from the Spanish manufacturer

The best baby stroller companies are recognized as such for their increased attention to:

  1. design,
  2. configuration,
  3. durability,
  4. model reliability.

Consumers will find options on the list that fully meet their needs. They represent the best qualities necessary for the first transport of the baby. It remains only to determine the priority characteristics and make a choice.


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