This autumn, Harry Potter fans are in for a surprise from Lego

Various models of the Hogwarts Express since 2001 by the Lego company as many as 6 times. Among them were motorized and with railroad tracks. The latest version was offered to consumers in 2018.

And now, after 4 years, the arrival of a newly made train is again expected, the release of which has been heatedly discussed in all thematic networks in recent months. Now it is reported that the designer will still appear in the fall 76405 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express with a new collectible model of the famous train.

What are the features of the 76405 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express set?

According to experts, the set should arouse increased interest. Moreover, even among the owners of the old versions of the Hogwarts Express. Because the novelty will be the third in the line in terms of the number of parts (5129 pieces), second only to designers 71043 Hogwarts Castle and 75978 Corner Lane. And in terms of price, the prefabricated kit will become the most expensive in the series – 499.99 euros.

New Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Coming This Fall With Brand New Characters

By itself, the main model of the train is standard:

  • a red steam locomotive with two wagons aimed at it – a small one for transporting coal and a large passenger one;
  • the passenger car is divided into three compartments, into which separate entrance doors lead;
  • according to the internal arrangement of the compartment, it can be understood that the authors of the toy recreated them according to various series of a film about a young wizard and magician;
  • the first section reflects the setting from the episode with the clash of the three main characters from the first film;
  • in the second, you can play the Dementor raid from the third film;
  • in the third compartment – a scene from the sixth film, that is, a passenger car connects a variety of episodes of adventure.

According to visual assessment, the length of the railway, on which the collection train is installed, is about 1 meter. From this we can conclude that the length of the assembled express train is approximately 90 centimeters. Motorization and even electric lighting of the train are not provided. However, if desired, the owners of the prefabricated model will be able to upgrade due to the fact that the dimensions of the toy allow it to be done without major problems.

What minifigures are included in the set?

The inclusion of a railway station with a bridge across the tracks, as well as 20 (!) Screen characters, makes the collection model particularly attractive.

5 minifigures will also be of extraordinary interest:

  • adult Harry Potter with beard,
  • adult Ginny,
  • as well as their three children – James Sirius, Albus Severus and Lily Luna.

The character skins are based on the epilogue of the seventh part and will be available exclusively in the set for now. 76405 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express.

New Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Coming This Fall With Brand New Characters

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