The winners of the first round of LEGO Ideas Fan Ideas have been announced


For the first time in the final stage of the contest of ideas LEGO Ideas 57 concepts were passed, for each of which 10,000 people voted. This is an absolute record! Now the designers of the Danish company are busy evaluating and selecting projects with the potential to become real constructors. To date, it is already known that two ideas have been selected and will be put into production in 2022:

  • This is a set of the same name based on the plot of the popular entertainment TV show “Office”suggested by American fan Jaijay Lewis;

  • and “Jazz Quartet” by Xinwei Chi from Taiwan.

On the LEGO Ideas blog, both entries were praised for being a good representation of the original idea for the project. It is interesting that the “Office” participated in the competition for the third year in a row – and after two unsuccessful attempts, it still won the right to sell. As for the Jazz Quartet, the official representatives of the Danish manufacturer selected it due to the fact that this set offers a completely new design.

And another fan idea may soon appear on store shelves in the form of a constructor Lego – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (by Harry Finkel, USA).

The final decision on this project must be made by Lego designers at the end of 2021 – at the beginning of 2022.

A representative of Russia also participated in the competition of ideas. It was the artist Artem Bizyaev from St. Petersburg, who offered the Danish manufacturer to release a set based on Slavic fairy tales.

set based on Slavic fairy tales

His idea gained the required 10 thousand votes of fans in 1 day, instead of the 2 years allotted by the rules. This seems to have raised suspicions of vote rigging, and as a result, voting on the LEGO Ideas website has been blocked. Whatever it was, the competition jury rejected this project. Now the Russian intends to continue the fight next year.


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