The Star Wars series will be complemented by the Razor Comb Pack

Such a starship has already appeared in the “world of cubes” in 2020 – it was presented in a set 75292 LEGO Star Wars Razor Comb. Why, then, the designers of the popular series, after only 2 years, returned to the development of this aircraft?

Construction fans believe that the developers decided to offer a more detailed and exciting model. At least, this is indicated by information about the new product, which will be released as a UCS-set. For prefabricated classification kits LEGO Ultimate Collector Series this is just what is typical. In addition, these construction sets differ from other thematic sets of the “star” line in that they are addressed to older construction fans and are produced in special boxes.

What is known about the upcoming recruitment at the moment? It is assumed that the prefabricated kit consists of 6187 parts. Of these, fans will be able to build a spaceship of quite impressive size:

  • up to 60 cm in length,
  • 40 cm wide,
  • 30 cm high.

Such dimensions of the starship will allow the creators of the model to recreate in detail the interior arrangement of the Razor Comb with all sections.

As for miniature figurines, there is no data yet either on their number or on specific personalities. But fans of the series hope to see Dean Djarin and Grog in the crew of the “star” apparatus.

Kit 75331 LEGO UCS Razor Comb should appear on the shelves of designers and toys stores in early October 2022. Presumably, it will be sold at a price of 549.99 euros.

New Razor Comb Coming to Star Wars Lineup

This is how the Razor Comb model from the 2020 constructor looks like

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