The Santiago Bernabéu stadium can be assembled from a Lego set


Numerous fans of the Real Madrid football team received a stunning gift for the 120th anniversary of the club and the 75th anniversary of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. The Danish company “Lego” has officially presented the designer with an impressive copy of the world-famous sports facility. The model turned out to be one of the largest among similar projects: the height is 14 cm, the length is 44 cm, the width is 38 cm.

Spanish team fans toy stadium will be appreciated. The creators accurately copied the original building not only in terms of external features, but also paid attention to the characteristic details. The removable roof helps to compare the toy with the real prototype, as well as the fact that the design “opens” into two halves. This allows you to see the green grass football field, the iconic four towers, gates, tunnel, dugouts, scoreboards, banners, stickers, stairwells and much, much more that is typical of the stadium. “Real Madrid”.

– Real Madrid is one of the most remarkable football clubs in history, so the reconstruction of the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu” in the shape of a LEGO brick was such an incredibly rewarding experience,” says Milan Mudge, designer of the LEGO Group. “Authenticity and a sense of scale are key to this holiday so that builders can truly feel the atmosphere of this dazzling and huge stadium. This set allows builders to bring the much-loved Real Madrid home base into their own home for years to come.

Sales set 10299 LEGO Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium will begin in the official Lego and Real Madrid stores from March 1 this year. Price – 349.99 euros (30151 rubles). On the shelves of the Danish company, he will stand next to the previously released 10284 LEGO Camp Nou – Barcelona and 10272 LEGO Old Trafford – Manchester United.

10299 LEGO Real Madrid - Santiago Bernabéu Stadium


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