The project with a medieval hotel was appreciated by LEGO fans

It is not the first time Gerrit, a fan of Lego constructors from Germany, exhibits on the site LEGO Ideas their works. Two of them previously also gained support of 10,000 votes. According to them, one can understand that the author of the “brick” projects is seriously passionate about medieval themes.

According to Gerrit himself, he was inspired by a small constructor for the latest model. LEGO 6067 Guarded Hotel, which first saw the light in the distant 1986. Perhaps that is why he gave his own project the same name, although in terms of scale and detail, his novelty is drastically superior to the mentioned official version.

To feel the difference between the two models, perhaps it is enough to give the following figures:

  • the original source consisted of only 246 parts,
  • the proposed project is being implemented from at least 3,000 building blocks.

So there can be no talk of any borrowing.

In the old set Lego the author most liked the combination of a half-timbered house and a brick watchtower. He used this combination as the basis for his design of a medieval inn. But even here there is no similarity – only the idea is borrowed, and its implementation is completely different. In particular, the structure is quite tall and has a circular structure.

It is noteworthy that here the watchtower is used not only for protection. Along with this task, it performs two more functions:

  • firstly, it is equipped with an armory,
  • secondly, there is a detention cell.

All this significantly expands the game of knights with additional features.

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Next to the tower is a stable with separate stalls for the traveling knights’ horses – this buildable toy includes an attractive horse figurine.

The model of a medieval inn is built to showcase the half-timbered style – European houses made of wooden beams. The building is assembled using modular technology. Therefore, the owner of the toy can separate the floors of the hotel and provide access to the guest rooms, the kitchen-dining room and other premises of the establishment.

There are a lot of characters in the game. Eight miniature figurines of the prefabricated set represent: Miu, the owner of the hotel, together with her son, who together serve the guests in the person of two wandering knights and four villagers.

As you can see, the play potential of this set is simply huge! We can only hope that the project will be put into production by Lego experts.

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