The popularity of the stormtrooper with marriage from the Star Wars series


From time to time, marriage slips through the control sieve in the products of a Danish company. As a result, consumers receive miniature figures or any details that can frighten children and terrify their parents. However, in our case, marriage was perceived quite differently.

One of the buyers told readers that by assembling one of the two minifigures included in the designer kit 75300 LEGO Star Wars Imperial COM Fighter, he discovered she had no eyebrows. As a result, the attack aircraft acquired a truly cool look, speaking in youth slang.

Indeed, he looks like a soldier who has seen a lot of terrible and terrible things in his military life. Therefore, now he contemplates his surroundings with cold calmness and even indifference. Apparently, the horrors experienced in the galactic wars left a heavy mark not only on the face of the warrior, but also in his soul. But he still won’t tell anyone about it.

Some Western bloggers took this factory marriage very kindly. They clearly liked the stormtrooper without eyebrows, if now they are wondering: what if you remove the eyebrows from other Lego characters? Maybe after such an “operation” some of them will look more impressive than now?


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