The perfect date: 8 LEGO sets that two can build


According to the Internet, one option for the perfect date is to put together a LEGO set. We agree with this, so we asked the host of the Land Of LEGO channel, Alexander Kanygin, to pick up eight sets of the designer that can be assembled together.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

An ideal set for a cozy home evening and maximum nostalgia: the cutest, familiar from childhood Mickey and Minnie Mouse, cartoon theme, a book with frames from the first cartoons included. There is no need to argue about who will collect what — everyone can take a model for themselves. The photos do not convey the actual dimensions, but meanwhile the height of the mice is 36 centimeters (make space on the shelf in advance). This set is remarkable — LEGO usually does not release prefabricated figures, and even this size.

What to add

Anton Dolin’s podcast about how cartoons became blockbusters.

The documentary «Life, Animated» is about a man with autism who got to know the world through Disney cartoons.

dinosaur bones

A set of the Ideas series, that is, a theme for it was suggested by a fan of the designer. The box contains almost real, but greatly reduced copies of the skeletons of a tyrannosaurus rex, a triceratops and a pteranodon. These are not just the most recognizable dinosaurs: all three animals lived in the same period and, so to speak, closely interacted with each other. For example, tyrannosaurs regularly ate docile Triceratops. Choose your dinosaur and collect.

What to add

Lectures by Stanislav Drobyshevsky on evolution and ancient people.

Animated series from childhood «The Land Before Time» about little dinosaurs.

Details on the topic
«It’s interesting to dig up bones»: why children love dinosaurs and what psychologists think about it

The Beatles

The new line of LEGO Art will suit those who are tired of the classic designer or are not interested at all. Her sets are more like jigsaw puzzles: images are assembled immediately into frames, then they can be hung on the wall. The version with The Beatles is good because the portraits of the band members are collected separately.

What to add

The release of a podcast about the history of British music about how The Beatles changed the world.

Become John Lennon, Chapter 27, Yesterday, or another movie about Beatlemania.

Details on the topic
LEGO reimagined relaxing puzzles for adults: an interview with the designer of the art line

The Mandalorian and the Kid

The most beautiful couple of the end of last year. Yes, the assembly of the bounty hunter and his ward will not take much time — they only have 295 parts. But after assembly, the figures can be exchanged and put, for example, on the desktop — in memory of a wonderful evening.

What to add

The first season of the series to remember all the nuances before the release of the second.

Atmospheric soundtrack by Ludwig Geransson.

Details on the topic
Quiz: Are You Ready To Adopt Baby Yoda?


Classic. Having collected the pieces and the board, you can play several games. Pawns and rooks from the set can be endlessly customized by trying on different heads and decorating them with various elements. It’s a constructor!

What to add

The film «Choice of the game» about the childhood of the young genius Joshua Waitzkin.

5D Chess, Really Bad Chess, Fast Chess, or another game that breaks the rules of chess.

Nintendo Entertainment System

The choice of those who once played 8-bit games on a pot-bellied flickering TV. The set also includes it (do you still remember those awkward channel knobs?), And the classic NES console, known to us as «Dandy». If you turn the knob on the side of the TV, the image will come to life: Mario will go in search of the Princess.

What to add

Documentary «High Score» on Netflix, where the history of video games is told by people directly involved in it.

Prince of Persia, Golden Ax, Total Carnage or another childhood game.

Minion figurines and their house

Initially, the villain’s helpers in the Despicable Me animated film, the minions, quickly gained popularity and got their own cartoon. Details in the figures from the set can be constantly swapped, getting all new versions of the characters. So during the assembly, you can steal elements from each other — this is quite in the spirit of minions.

What to add

Bright sweets: for example, sweetballs.

Film Despicable Me.

Diagon Alley from Harry Potter

Huge — a whole meter in length when assembled — the set can be assembled by four. The famous street from the books about the young wizard consists of four separate buildings, so there is enough work for everyone. The main thing is to find a roomy table for all the details. There’s Ollivander’s Shop, Quidditch’s Store, Florian Fortescue’s Ice Cream Shop, and other memorable corners. You can arrange houses in different ways: for example, put one on top of the other and get a “slanting skyscraper”.

What to add

The LEGO Harry Potter game as a replacement for the very game with the wide Hagrid.

Dragee «Bertie Botts» with different unexpected flavors.

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