The original designer of the details “Lego” of the fifth level


Say what you like, but from the details of modern Lego sets, you can create really amazing designs. The potential for a variety of inventions is enormous. There would be fantasy, perseverance and the right amount of building “bricks”.

GBC models have become a special kind of entertainment for fans with engineering inclinations. They are far more known for their functionality than their form. Outwardly, such projects look the same and it seems that it is already impossible to offer anything new in such toys. However, the work of talented amateur mechanic Jeff Strong from the state of Washington (USA), who received a special Off The Wall award at BrickCon 2022 in Seattle, completely refutes such assumptions.

A wonderful model called “Kraken Attacks” is a prime example of an updated look at the generally standard device. The author of the project just supplemented each module with an “environment”. As a result, the purely mechanical movement of orange balls from one blue-white container to another acquires an aesthetic content. First of all, due to the fact that the main channel in the toy is laid through a beautiful area with natural and man-made attractions.

A building fan has created an original level 5 Lego set.

The location is made in an excellent color palette, using modern building technologies and looks very rich in terms of content.

Unusual design includes:

  • floating clouds over the tops of high mountains;
  • high waterfall;
  • houses and buildings of a small town under the mountain, immersed in greenery;
  • surrounding natural landscape with trees and hills; a steep road descending down a cliff;
  • a long hanging bridge over a pond.

By the way, overcoming the latter requires great care – a deadly kraken with its terrible tentacles lurks under the bridge. From time to time, his red figure comes to life and with all his appearance expresses dissatisfaction with the noise of balls flying along the bridge-canal.

The well-known mechanism, complemented by such a bright “picture” of the surrounding world, in itself becomes a great achievement of the author’s design and ingenuity. All this only confirms that the American amateur mechanic Jeff Strong managed to create a real work of art.

A building fan has created an original level 5 Lego set.

This complex and large-scale creation also attracts attention in terms of mechanics. The author’s design differs from most classic ball rolling machines by the many transfer systems that are connected to each other in a chain – they transport the balls from the start to the end point in a single continuous cycle. Thanks to this, the incredible orchestration of moving orange balls is simply mesmerizing.

The machine surprises with its functionality. And also by the fact that all its parts of the system work together as a whole, starting with the loader modules, which, in a given cycle, raises the balls up for descending down the channel.

Unfortunately, the image shown here does not fully convey the uniqueness of this incredible self-propelled system built from ordinary Lego parts. But on the Internet you can find a video recording the operation of the GBC module “Kraken attacks”. Without a doubt, the operation of this system will cause real delight and amazement among all design fans.


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