The NINJAGO series will be replenished with several sets


According to Promobricks, fans of the Ninjago series will have a wave of themed construction sets coming this summer. At the same time, it is specified that they will have many new building blocks and elements, thanks to which the models will turn out to be detailed at a high level. According to the forecasts of the source, a total of 8 new products will appear on the shelves of toy stores:

  • 71768 LEGO NINJAGO Jay’s Golden Dragon Bike – this set will be the smallest in terms of the number of parts – there are 137 of them and the most affordable in terms of the cost of the kit – 19.99 euros (2570 rubles). The set includes 2 minifigures – Jay and the Stone of Vengeance warrior.

  • 71769 LEGO NINJAGO Cole’s Dragon Racer – 384 parts and 39.99 euros (5150 rubles). Featuring a 2-blade vehicle model and 4 minifigures: Kai, Cole, Aspheer the Vengeance Stone and the Vengeance Stone

  • 71770 LEGO NINJAGO Zane Golden Dragon Jet – according to the message, the designer consists of 258 “bricks” and costs 29.99 euros (3870 rubles). It will allow you to build a model of a white jet aircraft with gold elements, which is endowed with several functions – folding wings, a folding cockpit.

  • 71771 LEGO NINJAGO Temple of the Crystal King – one of the largest among the new sets: 703 parts, price 79.99 euros (10300 rubles). He will offer to collect the main base of villains, consisting of four buildings, including an altar, a temple and a floating prison. Of the characters in it will be Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane, as well as the Avenging Stone Warrior and the Crystal King.

  • 71772 LEGO NINJAGO Crystal King – the master returns to the “world of cubes” on a formidable fur, which has four legs, two wings and two arms. The king is supposed to be armed with a crystal spear. In addition to the crystal king, the toy includes minifigures: Lloyd, Harumi, two Avenging Stone warriors. The set consists of 723 parts, the price is 69.99 euros (9025 rubles).

  • 71773 LEGO NINJAGO Kai Raider’s Golden Dragon – This set will give fans of the series an updated Skylor minifigure. In terms of content, the fire ninja Kai is expected to fight along with Zane on a dragon with the Stone of Vengeance and three warriors of the Vengeance Stone. 624 parts, price 89.99 euros (11600 rubles).

  • 71774 LEGO NINJAGO Lloyd’s Ultra Golden Dragon – With 989 pieces of this toy building set, building fans will be able to build a combined version of the battle dragons of the young ninjas Cole, Kai, Zane and Jay. The protagonist of the story – Lloyd will be presented in a new form of golden color. A feature of the ultra dragon is that the dragon heads will take on the features of four ninjas, including Kai’s scar and Jay’s freckles. Also included are Crystal King minifigures and 3 Vengeance Stone Warriors. The price of the set is 139.99 euros (18,050 rubles).

  • 71775 LEGO NINJAGO Samurai X-Mech Nya – the latest novelty will return the image of Nya, who will take on the role of Samurai X. Includes Wu, Lord Garmadon, Nelson, Jay minifigures, plus Pythor, the General and the Avenging Stone Warrior. The price of the designer is 119.99 euros (15470 rubles).

  • So in summer ninjago sets Many characters from the adventure story about brave ninjas, who have recently been overlooked by Lego designers, will return to construction fans. Along with this, some surprises are expected in terms of the content of prefabricated toys. In particular, there is speculation that the ninja will team up with yesterday’s opponents to fight a new enemy.

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