The new set of the Lego House series will be available only in Denmark


Construction fan Stuart Harris posted on Instagram news about the exclusive set of the Lego House series, which will soon be released by the Danish company. This information does little to give ordinary consumers of Lego products. Because even if the rumors are confirmed, such a prefabricated kit will still remain inaccessible to most fans of the “world of cubes”. However, it generated a lot of interest.

Recall that the first designers of this line were dedicated to key milestones in the development of the Danish company. At the same time, everything was sold exclusively in the Lego store, which is located in the famous Danish town of Billund. That is, one can become the owner of such prefabricated toys only after a personal visit to Denmark and directly to the homeland of the designers.

So, Stuart Harris, mentioned at the beginning of the news, suggests that the next exclusive release in the series Lego House will be a set with beehives and bees. The design will be based on the attraction that opened in the home of Lego last April (see image above).

Whether these predictions will come true, the future will show. The last exclusive designer, released in this line, was 40502 Lego House Brick Molding Machine set.


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