The new series “Stuntmen” has replenished with another cool set


In the outgoing 2021, the developers of the designers of the Danish company presented the children with a completely new, bright and, in the language of youth, simply crazy series of Stuntmen sets. It harmoniously complements the prefabricated toys of the popular “City” line. In the coming October, the collection was replenished with one more model presented in the kit 60298 LEGO┬« City Jet Stunt Bike.

The children are invited to assemble a copy of a very cool bike and a miniature figure of a brave stuntman from the details. They will provide the child with fantastic play opportunities. The main feature of this set is that:

  • the toy motorcycle is equipped with a clockwork motor, allowing it to develop a really jet speed during the game;
  • The kit includes a springboard, thanks to which the child will be able to do a variety of spectacular tricks on the bike.

Undoubtedly, the boys will become the owners of an amazing toy! Its creators promise to amaze the children’s imagination – and in general, they succeed. Despite the rather modest dimensions (height – just over 3 cm, length – 6 cm and width – 2 cm), the jet bike is really capable of doing real jumps and aerial tricks. With it, you can arrange real stunt shows for parents and friends.

The Stuntmen series will also interest collectors. The motorcycle models and stunt minifigures in this toy line have a very attractive appearance. They will noticeably expand and decorate any collection of the urban series.


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