The new lunar station from “Lego” was released in the update


Numerous novelties that have appeared on sale since the beginning of March belong to different thematic areas. Therefore, users literally run up their eyes when studying the proposed March assortment by online stores. Moreover, the complexity of the choice lies even when considering specific sets.

For example, now you can purchase 4 constructors of the series LEGO CITY: 60348 Lunar Rover, 60349 “Lunar Space Station”, 60350 Lunar Research Base and 60351 Rocket Launch Center. Among them, fans of the space theme are of particular interest to the model of the new space station. Why? Yes, because a similar Lego set was already presented 3 years ago. Now fans are trying to find out how the new toy differs from the previous version.

New lunar station in 2022 - how is it different from a similar model in 2019?

60227 LEGO CITY Lunar Space Station (2019) was a model of a modular design, consisting of a kitchen, living space and laboratory. A separate toy was the cargo “Shuttle”. Manufacturers included 4 minifigures of astronauts and a robot in the package of this designer.

A new version of the lunar station from the designer 60349 LEGO CITY Lunar Space Station (2022), first of all, it attracts with its large dimensions (height is more than 13 cm, length – 32 cm, width – 28 cm) and a completely different structural structure and forms. It is noteworthy that the body of the main compartment is made transparent (imitation of blue glass), which makes it possible to examine the internal arrangement without opening the toy. The station consists of science and botanical laboratories, a sleeping compartment, and a docking space capsule. The play set includes 5 minifigures.

New lunar station in 2022 - how is it different from a similar model in 2019?

So, judging by the differences in the models from the old and new sets, it is not yet known exactly what the real space station on the moon will be like. By the way, the US NASA plans to begin construction this year.


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