The new Knight’s castle will be released for the anniversary of “Lego”


A year ago, a Danish company conducted a survey among website visitors Ideas for the 90th anniversary of Lego. Building aficionados had to choose from 30 classic themed series sets which buildable kit they would like to see in the anniversary building set. In the end, the three LEGO themes “Bionicle”, “Classic” and “Pirates” received the most votes.

The announced results drew much criticism. In particular, commentators noted that the organizers of the survey did not understand why they divided some thematic areas into separate parts. In particular, “Castles” and “Knights”, which, if presented together, would have won an undisputed victory by a significant margin.

Apparently, therefore, the manufacturer of designers decided to listen to the opinion of consumers. Now, most Lego fans are sure that the 10305 LEGO Lion King’s Castle set will be the anniversary set. It is supposed to be based on a kit 6080 LEGO Royal Castlewhich came out in 1984. However, there is no concrete data on the number of parts, models and minifigures yet. Only an incredibly high price is reported – 349.99 euros (45,130 rubles). Based on the cost, bloggers conclude that the knight’s castle will turn out to be very large. Accordingly, many characters will appear in the game location. In the mentioned set of 1984, for example, there were 12 knights, 4 horse figures.

10305 LEGO The Lion King’s Castlemost likely will be released in August, since it was on August 10, 1932 that the Lego brand was founded.

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