The most anticipated return of “Inventor Robot”

The Lego company delighted fans of electromechanical sets by returning the designer to the shelves of company stores 51515 LEGO MINDSTORMS Inventor Robot. It should be noted that the premiere of the prefabricated kit took place 2 years ago. But even now this constructor is in the top 10 most popular “brick” toys of the year. What is the reason for such a successful return of the old set? Apparently, in its original features.

Constructor 51515 LEGO MINDSTORMS Inventor Robot opens the way to the wonderful world of programmable remote-controlled robots. Its developers offer little Lego lovers to build 5 unique motorized robots and vehicles with their own hands. The instructions in the free LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor app are great for successful assembly. At the same time, children collect not just robots, but interactive toys with their own names: Charlie, Tricky, Blast, M.V.P. and Gilo. The largest among them will be Blasta’s 36 cm robot and Gilo’s 24 cm robot.

After the assembly process is completed, owners of technological models will be able to “revive” the robots in turn using a simple computer program in the Scratch language. As a result, toys will be able to perform a variety of tasks and missions. There are more than 50 of them in total, including shooting rockets, playing with a ball and independently moving around the room.

The return of Lego's Inventor Robot is one of the most anticipated by building fans.

The advantage of these technological models, assembled from 1000 bricks and parts of the set, is that the programmable LEGO MINDSTORMS robots belong to the latest generation. Smart toys are equipped with intelligent hubs with 5×5 LCD screens, 6-axis gyroscopes, speakers, four medium motors, accurate color and distance sensors.

From most predecessors constructor 51515 LEGO MINDSTORMS Inventor Robot differs by the inclusion of a rechargeable battery in the package, that is, customers do not need to purchase additional batteries. Just as importantly, the Powered Up components included in the building kit are compatible with the LEGO BOOST building and programming kit, number 17101, “Droid Squad Leader” – 75253 and other technical projects.

A very interesting and informative interactive toy can be bought for teenagers 10 years and older. The nice thing is that this robot is liked not only by children, but also by parents. With the 51515 LEGO MINDSTORMS Inventor Robot, any child will learn the basic skills of science and technology subjects (STEM). Therefore, it can be considered an ideal option for a gift that will help a young technician to show and develop their creative and technical abilities.

The return of Lego's Inventor Robot is one of the most anticipated by building fans.

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