The long-awaited Lego gift set is out

The appearance of the official images of this set in the Lego online store was the end of the whole epic. Recently, construction fans have often mentioned in their posts about the gift constructor, which should appear in April. And finally, the set 40529 LEGO Kids Amusement Parkconsisting of 170 parts, is on display.

The play location built from blocks will be a complex of three separate attractions for children’s entertainment. The largest among them are the swings made in the form of a boat. Then comes the installation-forcemeter, which allows all visitors to the recreation park to determine the strength of their blow, using a large hammer. This projectile, like a rotating carousel with birds, actually belongs to a kind of target – the guys are invited to open waterfowl hunting using rings.

Literally with the advent of the first rumors, it was claimed that this constructor would become a gift and will be distributed as a free application for those buyers who purchase Lego sets for a total of 90 euros or 90 dollars (7836 rubles). However, in the official online store, the product is displayed with a price tag: $ 22.99 (1840 rubles). It is possible that the Danish company decided to open access to 40529 LEGO Kids Amusement Parkincluding, and as a regular set.

This Lego gift set made a lot of noise

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