The LEGO Group is one of the most trusted companies in the world

At the end of 2021, Lego remained in the top three of the global Reptrak 100 ranking, which determines the most reliable companies in the world. True, the Danish company lost the championship, which it had confidently held for the previous 2 years.

Now Rolex, the world’s leading manufacturer of luxury watches, has taken the top spot. It is also one of the most expensive watch brands from Switzerland. Second place goes to Ferrari, a manufacturer of sports and racing cars from Italy. At the same time, only two companies from among the favorites, including LEGO Grouphave been in the top 10 for the last decade.

The “ultimate corporate reputation of the world’s leading companies” rating is determined by studying the reaction to their activities in all countries where they sell their branded products. In this regard, “Lego” is perceived very positively. The main factor behind the popularity is the commitment of the Danish manufacturer to the quality of the produced construction kits and diversity in terms of content.

An important plus is the constant expansion of the boundaries of prefabricated toys through the introduction of innovations and technological solutions. This, for example, was clearly demonstrated by a model from a relatively recent set 10297 LEGO Creator Expert Boutique Hotel (pictured). Projects like this secure the prefabricated kits of the Danish manufacturer as a premium product.

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