The Lego company will time 4 sets for the premiere of the movie “Batman”


Official website features 4 new building sets inspired by the most popular superhero. They will be available in time for the Batman movie premiere. Now the Danish manufacturer has announced the acceptance of pre-orders for thematic constructors.

According to their thematic content, the proposed constructors will cover the adventures of a superhero from a variety of angles.

Yes, play set. 42127 LEGO DC BATMOBILE will allow Batman fans to build a copy of his legendary car. This version of the vehicle is copied from the on-screen prototype. The toy is identical to the Batmobile from the movie, not only in terms of external design, but also in terms of detailed elements and functional features.

According to the number of building “bricks” indicated on the front side of the branded box – 1360 parts, it becomes clear that the set is quite large, which means that it will take a lot of time to assemble the model. But the assembled Batmobile will turn out to be very impressive in size: its height will be 11 cm, length – 45 cm and width – 17 cm.

The features of the cult car include the presence of two luminous “bricks”: the red one is installed at the back and illuminates the engine of the car, and the yellow one illuminates the front grille.

76179 LEGO DC Batman and Selina Kyle Motorcycle Chase

Second constructor 76179 LEGO DC Batman and Selina Kyle Motorcycle Chase – refers to the smallest sets from the selection. It consists of only 149 parts, from which children are invited to assemble 2 toy motorcycles on wheels with wide tires.

The kit includes 2 miniature figures – Batman and Catwoman. This gives the child the opportunity to reproduce the pursuit of a defender of law and order on the streets of the city for an insidious violator of the law.

76181 LEGO DC Batmobile: Chasing the Penguin

next set 76181 LEGO DC Batmobile: Chasing the Penguin will give the owner the opportunity to assemble a model of another iconic car. It differs from other modifications of vehicles owned by Batman by its armament in the form of a missile launcher. The toy is equipped with two spring installations that will allow the child to realistically simulate the launch of mega-rockets – moreover, the shelling can be carried out either separately or with both missiles at the same time.

The dimensions of the built model are quite “playable”: height – 6 cm, length – 20 cm, width – 8 cm. The modular toy will go well with other thematic sets.

75183 LEGO DC Batcave: Confrontation of the Riddlers

And the last of the four sets is the constructor 75183 LEGO DC Batcave: Confrontation of the Riddlers. With the help of 581 parts, the child will have to build the infamous Batman’s hideout. The design is attractive with the presence of details with riddles. To do this, you will need to use a special magnifying glass.

In addition, a fairly decent number of characters are included in the package – minifigures of Batman, Catwoman, the Riddler, Bruce Wayne, Alfred and Commissioner Gordon. That is, the game will turn out to be very lively and exciting.

However, all 4 sets considered provide excellent gaming opportunities for young superheroes. At the same time, the game promises to be creatively rich and rich in exciting stories.


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