The Lego collection has replenished with many new elements

We have already reported that June became a kind of record holder for new products – more than 100 designers went on sale. Together with the new models and characters, they also brought a lot of new details to the “world of cubes”.

Bloggers have already counted in the June sets of all thematic lines, first of all, “City”, “Star Wars”, “Ninjago” and “Technician”, with a total of over 600 unfamiliar Lego rocks and pieces. This is important information for those who prefer to engage in individual Lego projects, so on the official website you can find a complete list of these new products.

Construction fans will find a huge amount of interesting building material to improve the design and appearance of models in their own projects. New parts will become available for purchase on the service LEGO Pick a Brick after 3 months.

June builders feature over 600 new Lego bricks and pieces

In general, 3 features deserve attention:

  • First, the appearance of details with a new color “warm tan” in minifigures lego, which diversifies the display of skin color in prefabricated toys. The warm tan has so far been used in the minifigures of Dean Djarin, the Mandalorian and a pair of mini-dolls in the Girlfriends series.
  • Secondly, there are a lot of new animals in the June sets, some of them along with their offspring. This made all Lego fans very happy. At the same time, newly-minted pets are found not only in the so-called “farm” sets, but also in other thematic series. Such as Harry Potter and Girlfriends, for example. Presented are 2 four-legged friends of girls in the form of a giraffe (6387449) and zebras (6401141) with more rounded shapes and larger eyes.

June builders feature over 600 new Lego bricks and pieces

  • Thirdly, fans will be interested in typical building elements in an updated color palette. For example, for the first time in the history of Lego, the classic leaf element is presented in a sandy green color (6387139), a small leaf in a new olive color (6398008), and the “brick”, popular for the construction of buildings, acquired a dark green color (6400283).

June builders feature over 600 new Lego bricks and pieces

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