The idea with Aladdin entered a new stage of the Lego competition


Long-awaited support of 10,000 project fans “Aladdin: A Friend Like Me” allowed the author of the idea under the nickname Lud985 to pass the selection and get into the first stage of the review LEGO Ideas. This confirms that this Disneys Aladdin adventure story, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, once made an indelible impression on the audience. That is why already matured construction fans supported the idea of ​​releasing a new construction set based on the plot of their favorite cartoon.

Lud985 based his design on the final episode of the 1992 Aladdin animated series. It features all the main characters – a total of 8 adventure heroes led by Aladdin. His figurine is central in the overall composition of the toy location, in the form of a smoothly rotating platform. All the dancers are moving around Aladdin – people, elephants, and camels.

A huge genie is watching everything that happens. His figurine plays the role of a magnificent backdrop for the assembly toy. The genie literally towers over the dance floor. He has a movable jaw, which makes it possible to change the expression of his face, conveying certain emotions. In addition, with his amazingly flexible arms and fingers, he is able to “hug” the dance floor with all the dancers.

Commentators on this news make various forecasts on the prospects of the project “Aladdin: A Friend Like Me” transformation into a real constructor. Some argue that the theme is already sufficiently reflected in the Lego sets, so the set will not make it to the final. Others suggest that there is a chance to be among the finalists, as the Danish company should somehow remind about the 30th anniversary of the cartoon “Aladdin”. We just have to wait for the jury’s verdict.

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