The first day of April disappointed Lego fans


The coming April disappointed construction fans quite modestly, who were clearly expecting something unusual. New designers in various thematic areas, of course, appeared on store shelves. But what’s wrong?

It should be noted that buyers are given the opportunity to purchase as many as 5 sets with mechanical robots in the series. “Marvel”. Thanks to these construction sets, minifigure collectors will be able to add some very interesting characters to their home displays.

The Creator Expert line offered adult builders an original designer 3 in 1 10300 LEGO Back to the Future Time Machine. The parts of this kit can be used to build a DeLorean car model. After simple manipulations from the version presented in the first film, the car is easily converted into a car from the second or third films.

Why, then, did most fans of the “world of cubes” perceive April 1 as if they had been played? Yes, because the Danish company Lego has accustomed its consumers to the fact that on the first day of each month it launches most of the new sets. In this regard, April in stores turned out to be quiet. It is for this reason that the hype, which was observed in early March, did not happen.

What all this is connected with is still unclear. It is only known that main arrivals of new products in April are scheduled for the second half and the end of the month.

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